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Thread: speed training

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    -Ok I will answer 1 per 1 LOL
    Hey Khris
    I respect your knowledge and I can see some logic in your point of view but I want to say that it's a "unique" opinion.
    Many relative posts in this forum saying that it’s ok to sign all sp to attack if AM/ST, to defense if D or GK and mixed to Mid and it’s ok, to put some sp to M&P.
    -So, are you disagree with almost everyone ? (I don't say that is bad ...)
    -I have my method, and my beliefs. So I am not disagree with anybody, simply, I play at my way, and for me works. To know if is better or worst or, what sensation I've adding cones in other place, I have to be very bored of this game, and play different after 23 seasons. Maybe to comprove my own theory I will do a change in Bayern and in 3 seasons I will change my training method, then I will be capable to compare what I feel, the sensation I've.
    As I've said some times, this decision to increase 1st the speed, comes from my experience as a Fifa player, because of all the skills for me the only interesting was the speed. Because he, can be better dribbling, passing, shooting, or he can be worst but if you are more faster, you have won a 50%.

    Nordgens and agent/scouts have very balanced skills at the beginning. An agent/scout (that what I call the 6* players you can buy) can gain about 40 sp / season. So you’re saying that it’s better to sign all the points beyond the Q level of the player only at M&P even to those ?
    -Yes by my viewpoint, 6* is enough for a player to show what he can do, and in what can he help you. My opinion is that the max. of % effectiveness in shoots, corners and fouls is with 6*, 7-9 stars the gain in effectiveness is priceless.

    If I have an MC with Free-kick specialist ability or Corner specialist shouldn’t I boost his attack to get most of his s.a. ?
    As I say always, if he have 5-6 stars in these skills, no. The SA's are well proggrammed, or bad proggrammed, never a guarantee.I've been training players till 8* in these skills (for example defense skills to 5* and attack and phis.Ment skills to 8*) to try to obtain more performance, and score more in fouls, corners and so.. and nothing happened.

    and till here my viewpoint, maybe one day I change my method and I do a long meditation about what I've said LOL

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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