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I don't use google translate I use iphone app. I think there's more to it than just formation and players. I beat many teams better than me but sometimes I struggle against weaker teams. When opponent marks too tight we must have other ways to score such as long shots, set pieces. Driblers may get you a penalty but if you push him into the box with red arrows is not as effective as no arrows and he has space to run at defenders for example. Why you so angry?
same reason like ZSKovac. simply i adore football and it is my only love. rare thing that i know and follow every day is football. i just can't stand this bull**** what top eleven does, it just isn't right and doesn't make any sense.. very disappointed, game engine is totally screwed up. but nobody can really answer my question about Special Ability. how can he miss something that he has specialty for ? ok, i understand that he can miss, but hey this isn't fair, his pussies try long shots and score, my try the same thing (they are better) and don't do anything, always block... shame shame shame.