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Thread: Advices for tactics

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    Advices for tactics
    Counter formations table (updated)
    Hi t11_fan

    Don't know you still playing t11 or not but like to thank you for your "Advices and counter formations". I'm still n00b, playing this game almost a month now and win my first cup today and 2 round left on League to get the cup, [League 24 MP, 23 win, leading the point table]

    I manage to build up a balanced team and my team can play any of your listed counter formation, except Butterfly (although I can use dl/dr as dml/dmr); thanks again and hopefully you give us more tips

    I'm worried about my team that what will happen when I become lvl 2 manager

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    yes, t11_fan, still playing TE but doesn't visit the forum so often as the old days.
    Today I watched his Cup final.

    I'm worried about my team that what will happen when I become lvl 2 manager
    Why ? Now you 're more wise.
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    Hi, i am pretty sure that in match orders are related to single players abilities.
    For example outside trap is related to positioning of defenders vs positioning of striker.
    Probably are also affected other skills such as passing and aggression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    yes, t11_fan, still playing TE but doesn't visit the forum so often as the old days.
    Today I watched his Cup final.

    Why ? Now you 're more wise.
    6/7 more hours then I'll play my league's last match, not worried about win or loss, if I lost still 1st place on league but end of league mean new season and I don't know how my players will perform on next season, how much they will loss their skills


    Today when I become lvl 2 manager, I shocket
    all my 28 days hard work downgraded
    once thought quit the game then thinking let see how much my players can regain their skills on this new season
    but still I'm shocket
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    top quality post,thanks for the upload
    Quote Originally Posted by t11_fan View Post
    This advices are based on my 36 season experience of leading various clubs on levels 1-24 and some levels were repeated.
    They are written in order to adapt tactics to counter your opponent.
    There is no universal tactic, that is why we can adjust it Tactics should improve effectiveness of your teams stats. If your team performs bad, remember to check other factors (like form or morale), everything is important, more or less.
    Also I would like to invite other experienced players to post their experienced based on various tactics and share with us additional informations and suggestions. Feedback always helps

    -normal: This is my 1st choice to start match, provides balance between attack and defence, and I usually don't change it if match develops well. During the match I change it if needed to other tactics:
    -attacking: I use it against much weaker teams or when my needs goal, but still has enough time to catch result.
    -defensive: I use it during when my team has lead and opponent is strong and uses offensive setup to try to catch result.
    -very attacking/very defensive: I use it only in last 10 minutes of the match if me/opponent is desperate to score. Those 2 tactics are very risky.

    I usually use low pressing. High pressing is good when you use offensive formation while opponent has 5 or more players on his side of the pitch. It could also be useful against much weaker teams than yours. It is also risky tactic because gives opponent space for counterattack.

    -normal: regulary used, usually against weaker teams or against stronger ones when my team has too much fouls and cards.
    -hard: good against strong teams, could cause more fouls and cards.
    -easy: can't remember when I used it, could be useful when you have high score and you don't want your players booked

    -I usually use zonal, I sometimes change it to man-to-man when opponent is much weaker so that my players. Some players claim that for them MTM marking is more effective than zonal, so I think it is individual. My team Dnipro has received only 2 goals in last 8 matches with zonal defence, so I stay loyal to it.

    Before any passing suggestion, you need to remember to check completed passes % during the match. If it is around 80% or less (after 10-15mins, not in 1st 5min), then change passing settings.
    -mixed: against balanced formations like classic 442
    -through flanks: against formations with 2-3 wingers (narrow formations with strong centre)
    -through middle: against formations which have 1 or 2 central mildfielders (not only MC, also AMC and DMC counted). In this case my counter formation usually has 3-4 central mildfielders.
    -mixed: my most often choice, suits to most formations and counters
    -short: used usually when my completed passes % is weak and against strong teams whose formation has up to 4 mildfielders
    -long: used usually when my opponent is strong and has 5 mildfielders formation and/or when opponent has 3 defenders formation.

    Some formations have specific passing focus settings, so for example:
    -narrow formations like N.diamond or 43N3, usually work best with mixed passing. You don't need to focus it through middle because it is middle-focused formation by default. I've noticed that mixed passing with narrow formation is more effective than through middle.
    -2 central mildfielder formations works with mixed or through flanks passing. Through middle shouldn't be combined with these formations.

    Force counterattacks
    I have to admit that I don't use force counterattacks (CA) button at all. Why? Because I've noticed that fair amount of CA's have been broken, but worse is that then opponent starts CA against team whose CA was broken. Do not force CA when you play offensive! Force CA should be used when defending.

    Offside trap
    It is useful when you use 3DC defence with offensive formation, whole pitch pressing and you face weaker teams with 3ST attack.

    I wouldn't suggest to use red arrows on offensive positions (ST, AM) and blue arrows on defenders because that is their task by default. You don't need to order your striker to join attack because he is attacker.

    Red - Mostly used when player, usually winger, has open space in front of him (eg. when I have 4 wingers while opponent has only 2). Red arrows are useful when you use defensive oriented formation which needs stronger support in attack, for example 4141 + red arrows on fullbacks. This sometimes creates effect of offensive fullbacks like Marcelo.
    You should not use red arrows on fullbacks when your opponent uses AML/R or when he has 3ST in front of your 3-4 defenders.
    Blue - when I'm focused on defense or outnumbered in some part of pitch (eg. when I have 2MC+DMC in the middle while opponent has AMC+2MC+DMC, then I use blue arrows on MC's).
    Blue arrows could also be used on attacking players when you play offensive formation in order to make them more active in defensive part of game, I mean to create Wayne Rooney's work ratio (attacker who is helps in defending too)
    For example, I put blue arrows on 2 side strikers in 3ST formations. Sorry, but I don't like lazy strikers (as Balotelli) who spends most of his time walking around pitch.

    I'll try to update this thread (basicly main post) from time to time if I remember something or find out something new.
    If someone didn't understand certain part, feel free to ask for detailed explanation

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    Can add counter for 3N-3N-2WAM-2

    3N-3N-2WAM-2 >>> 4-4-2*, 4-5-1v

    Not sure about 4-5-1v, away match I lost playing 4-5-1v, but I realize I should not put red arrow on both fullback.

    Second match was in home, started with 4-5-1v only red arrow on dmc, 1:1 on first half, second half 4-4-2 red on dmc, ml/r; win 3:1. But end up 2:4 penalty lost. Although I used aml as my ml and dmc as my second mc for 4-4-2. But right position player play batter. Own managerial tactic mistake I'm out of cup now (1/8).

    Btw, both team Q almost same, me 34.7 he 35.5; manager lvl: me 3 he 4
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    add please:

    3w-2dmc-3wam-2 >>> 4-5-1v

    Although I was stronger than opponent.

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    3N-2WDM-2MC-1-2 >.

    Opp > (73 q) > 3N-2WDM-2MC-1-2
    Me > (68q) > 4-5-1v

    won 0:4

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    3N-2w-3N- 2 ==> 3N-3w-1-2n-1
    3N-3WM-2WAM-2 >.< >.< 4-5-1v
    3N-2WDM-3MC-2 >.< >.< 4-1-2mc-2amc-1
    3w-4mc-2amc-1 ==> 4-2-2-2, 3n-1-3w-1-2
    3N-2WDM-2MC-1-2 ==> 4-1-2w-1-2 WD
    3w-1dmc-3wm-3 ==> 3-5-2v, 3n-1-4-2 [28.3 vs 27.8]
    3n-1mc-3wam-3 ==> 3n-1-3n-2wam-1
    3w-1-3w-1-2 ==> 4-1-3w-2, 3n-3w-1-2amc-1 [74.9%v64.8%], 3-1-4-1-1 [50.7VS50.6]
    3n-3mc-2w-2 ==> 3-6-1 butterfly , 4-4-2, 3-4-3 [33%v34.9%] 3-5-2 flat
    3w-2dmc-2w-2amc-1 ==> 3n-2wdm-3mc-2 [40.2%vs33%]
    3n-3w-1-2amc-1 ==> 5-3wm-2 [49.5q vs 47.5q]
    3n-2mc-3wam-2 ==> 3n-1-4-2 [28 vs 28]
    3w-3mc-2wam-2 ==> 4-2-3wam-1 [75.3% vs 68%], 4-5-1v, 3-5-2 flat
    3w-4-1-2 ==> 3-1-4-2 [41.3v44.6]
    3-5-1v ==> 4-1-3w-1-1 [45.3v44.1]
    3n-3w-0-3wam-1 ==> 3n-1-4-1-1 [equal Q]
    3n-1-2-3wam-1 ==> 4-5-1v, 4-4-1-1 [67%vs72%]
    3w-1-2-3wam-1 ==> 3w-1-3n-1-2, 3-4-3
    3w-2-0-3wam-2 ==> 4-4-1-1, 4-0-3w-1-2, 4-1-3w-1-1, 4-1-4-1 [72.4%v70.9 flanks]
    3w-2-2w-1-2 ==> 3-2wdm-3mc-2 [86.9%v84.7%]
    3n-2w-1-2w-2 ==> 4-1-4-1 [84.7%vs92%]
    3n-3w-2-2 ==> 4-5-1v, 3-1-4-2, 3-1-4-1-1, 3-5-2v, 4-3-2w-1
    3n-3w-2-1-1 ==> 4-5-1v, 3-1-4-2, 3-1-4-1-1, 3-5-2v
    3w-3w-2-1-1 ==> 4-5-1v, 3-1-4-2, 3-1-4-1-1, 3-5-2v
    3n-1-1-3wam-2 ==> 4-1-4-1 [93.5%vs84.7%], 4-5-1v, 4-1-1-2-2, 4-1-3w-2
    3w-2-1-3w-1 ==> 4-1-3w-1-1[98.2%vs94.5%], 3w-1-3-1-2[98.2%vs94.5%]
    3w-0-2-3w-2 ==> 4-4-2
    3w-1-1-4-1 ==> 4-2-3w-0-1
    3w-2-1-2w-2 ==> 4-5-1 F (flank)
    3w-1-3-2w-1 ==> 4-1-4-1

    4-5-1v >.< >.< 3w-2dmc-2mc-2aml/r-1, 3n-2w-2n-2n-1
    4-3w-1-2 ==> 3n-3w-1-2n-1, 3-5-2v, 3n-1-3mc-2wam-1 [37.3 vs 36.5], 4-2-3w-0-1 (flank)
    4-1-2-3 ==> 3-5-2v, 3-1-4-2 [28.1vs28.8]
    4-1dmc-0-3wam-2 ==>3n-1-4-2. 3n-4-1-2 [53v53.2]
    4-1-1-2w-2 ==> 4-1-4-1 equal q
    4-1-2w-2n-1 ==> 3w-2n-3w-2
    4-3wm-2amc-1 ==>3w-2n-3w-2
    4-1-2wm-1-2 WD ==> 4-0-3w-1-2
    4-1-4-1 ==> 4-5-1v [27.3q vs 27.8q]
    4-0-3w-2amc-1 ==> 4-1-4-1, 4-1-3w-1-1[50.5q vs 51.5q]
    4-1-2w-2amc-1 ==> 3n-1-3n-2w-1, 4-2-3w-1
    4-1-3w-2 ==> 3-6-1 butterfly
    4-2-2-2 ==> 3-1-4-2 [48vs41.9]
    4-1-3wm-1-1 ==> 3-1-4-2 [30.3vs28.8]
    4-2mc-1-3 ==> 3n-1-2-3wam-1 [34.7vs36.5]
    4-2dmc-1-1-2 ==> 3-1-4-1-1 [46.8vs48.2]
    4-2-0-3wam-1 ==> 3-1-4-1-1 [48.8vs51.7]
    4-0-1-3wam-2 ==> 4-1-4-1 [53.3vs56.3], 4-1-3w-1-1
    4-0-2-3w-1 ==> 4-1-4-1, 4-4-2, 4-1-3w-1-1, 4-0-3w-1-2, 3w-2-2-2w-1, 4-5-1
    4-4-2 ==> 4-1-4-1 [89%vs83.6%]
    4-3-2w-1 ==> 4-5-1 F

    5-0-2-2w-1 ==> 4-1-3w-1-1. 4-1-1-3w-1
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