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Thread: Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir

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    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir

    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g1-film-noir-2.jpg
    It’s a hot summer, middle of July and this Sunday, I woke up early in the morning (around 6.00 /04.00 GMT), I made a strong, instant coffee, cold, with some ice-cubes (as we drink it that way in Greece, in the summer), I took my pack of cigarettes, my mobile and went in the balcony.
    The job was clear. Find the fast trainers, beat the bad guys (oppo bidders) and finally win a trophy.
    I do this every first day of the season. What could possibly go wrong with that ?
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g2-film-noir-r-m-2.jpg

    I opened the puffin browser in my mobile , that with a funny bird and went to the page www.topeleven/play-old .
    It's the old version of the game and only with puffin you can play it in mobile.
    It's impossible to play a match on it as there is no "mouse" or "drag & drop" but it's good for buying players as we can also observe the profiles of other bidders, specially the hidden achievements
    If we see an oppo with poker face or bankrupt ok, if we see “stubborn” , better stay away.
    I made a sort, clicking at the stars (5* of-course), the age category (youngster, 18-19 y.o. so last for more seasons) and from the higher to lower value.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g3-sort.jpg

    Nordgen ? plenty of them.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g4-market-1st-day.jpg

    I bid or put in my list the younger ones, those I 'm in interesting and the most expensive.

    Last night I checked the summary I wrote, to see what is the bigger value for my level (23). The higher price I had (from older posts and info) was 108 but I saw also a player with 109 (so I fixed my list again).
    This guy is perfect for all around DM (DM-L-R). Too bad I 'm not using DML-R , so I let him make another manager happy.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g5-n-dmc-dmr-109-m.jpg

    After few cigarettes , I went inside, start the ceiling fan, open my pc, the old version again as this sh..t I have with 4GB RAM can’t handle more than one account and I have three.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g6-film-noir-3.jpg

    All the other nordgen disappeared except those from my bidding and favorite list. Yea, this s.. is happening every time.
    Ok I said, I can live with those.
    It was quite that hour and the bidding was easy. My profile and my name in the market for so many seasons was well known so I didn’t have any problems.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g7-buying.jpg

    Only one guy thought he was tough enough for me but with a nice punch in the last second, I knocked him out at round 10.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g8-buying.jpg

    So, I gathered my newbies and sent them to the trainer. Training in 3 bars, practice match, to see who was good enough to earn one skill point with that. As the higher values in this level are close, I always do that test before starting to power-train them with my precious greens. I do this 5-6 times as 1 or 2 only training can give wrong impression. There is a variety in the results of the fast trainers every time. From +80 to +120 to gaining.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g9-train-1.jpg

    Before that, I go to news letter of my team and checking the info about their previous team.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g10-film-noir-4-news.jpg

    Ok, the teams of all the nordgen I bought are from bot teams, with names like those
    but just to make sure that there isn’t a team with a real manager who had this weird choice.
    “Info about previous team, isn’t available” . Ok, that’s what I wanted to read.

    Ok, some guys didn’t pass the test so I started selling them. That player with 130 q, Matchett , disappointed me. I was expecting much higher results so to cover quickly his lower q. It was a little difficult to sell him but with the second auction and some good discount, sold !
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g11-news-buy-sell.jpg

    Selling the first day of the season … piece of cake, buying ? not so .
    If I wanted to do the test in the new version, I would choose an extra position or a special ability for each player. I like to give anyway these things in my fast trainers as I keep them for 4-6 season at a quality of 6* or 7* late in the season. I also have the extra sources to do that.
    Then I choose a set of drills with total condition loss round 20 % and give 4-5 training.
    If the player can earn +1 to sa or extra position avg in those 5 training, that means he is fast trainer. (It has the same analogy with the old training with 3 bars-practice match, where a fast trainer can get a +100 or more in some training).
    I also made a test with the new ST, Camara. I used him in the cup game, playing out of position as AML.
    He scored twice and won “Man of the match” title. So I added this new position to have him as ST-AML (the cost was about 50 greens and 1 token to rename him as Nilmar ).
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g12-nilmar-2-goals-mom.jpg

    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g12-b-camara-1.jpg

    After some power-training (also renamed the rest) the team was almost ready.
    A mix of the new fast trainers, the old ones and the low quality players of 1*.
    I need a GK and another one player for back-up and we go for the treble.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g13-team-d2.jpg

    But when a manager is making plans, nordeus devs are laughing.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g14-nord-devs-1.jpg

    A punch in the nose. The news are that we ‘re playing in a +1 level Champion League.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g15-film-noir-4-ch-l-news.jpg

    Oh, bloody hell. I took my girl and went for a drive. After all it was still Sunday.
    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g16-film-noir-4-ch-l-driving.jpg

    Searching for the fast trainers – A film noir-g17-film-noir-6-end.jpg

    * The images above are borrowed from the films “The big sleep”, “The Maltese falcon”, “ChinaTown” and more.
    ** This thread is a part of that guide
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