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Thread: My mutant

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    I know that. I said why they are put so much effort just for being at top100.
    Kaizer Franz answered that.

    @pcmacdaniel we need a lawyer to explain that
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    Part I
    I kept Van Baasten for six seasons.
    I didn't continue the training for Fitness and Speed but increased some other white skills also.
    He finished his career with 357 goals (4th scorer in club history) .

    My mutant-sell-mvb.jpg

    Some seasons later, I got another player and kept him for many seasons - Van Nistelroy
    I trained him mostly in white skills and season after season, his greys reduced to 1%.
    I also used him for two season in limitless friendlies (for +4% motm reward) so there his white skills increased a lot.
    This season I decided to sell him.
    Next season he would be -20% in quality and to tell the truth, I don't see any super advantage in his performance.
    He had a special talent in free kicks but not when playing vs stronger opponents.
    My mutant-rvn-last.jpg

    I had an offer from a rival oppo in C.L. but didn't accept before finish our k.o. games.
    I sold him after that and before playing my C.L. final today (5 tokens).
    My mutant-rvn-offer-golin.jpg
    Golin, his new team, is first in his League 55p -51 p) .

    Van Nistelroy didn't help much so far

    My mutant-rvn-golin-3-games-1-goal.jpg

    let's see
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    Next season he sold Van Nistelroy

    Ok, let's see some people who are trying to build mutants
    * i don't know if the numbers of the greens they spent are real, just took those examples from some TE fb groups
    Drage , after 350 greens
    My mutant-taser-st-1.jpg
    My mutant-taser-st-2-after-350-greens.jpg

    Carca after 688 greens
    My mutant-carca-1.jpg
    My mutant-carca-2-688.jpg

    Vivar after 690 greens
    My mutant-vivar-1.jpg
    My mutant-vivar-2-690-greens.jpg
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    Too much greens for me. Especially the last two

    LEVEL 2 : league 1 , cup 1 and this season tremble.
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    Even if I have a lot of greens (some thousands) I don't agree with those tactics.
    I 'm trying to play more "normal".
    So after 4 seasons, having my two wingers with high white skills, this season I made training with drills that improve grey skills
    My mutant-ron-sev-d7.jpg

    My mutant-training-ron-sev.jpg

    25 skills in 10 training, not bad for 22 y.o. players with that quality.

    The "It just wasn't to be" event is happening to often so it's not worthy to spend so much time and effort.
    If with this team and players like those I can't win a team like this, forget about it

    My mutant-cup-draw-troll.jpg
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    The skills nowadays don't matter this much... This season I trained 2 players, one from 87% to 127% with 230 rests and one from 63% to 125% with a little over 300 rests.
    They are no mutants, and a few months ago I would have trained them in a different way, but the white skills are between 150 and 200 % and the grey around 80-100%, still they performed quite well up to this point.
    Overall quality with a little higher white skills for the win. lol
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