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Thread: My mutant

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    I know that. I said why they are put so much effort just for being at top100.
    Kaizer Franz answered that.

    @pcmacdaniel we need a lawyer to explain that
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    I kept Van Baasten for six seasons.
    I didn't continue the training for Fitness and Speed but increased some other white skills also.
    He finished his career with 357 goals (4th scorer in club history) .

    My mutant-sell-mvb.jpg

    Some seasons later, I got another player and kept him for many seasons - Van Nistelroy
    I trained him mostly in white skills and season after season, his greys reduced to 1%.
    I also used him for two season in limitless friendlies (for +4% motm reward) so there his white skills increased a lot.
    This season I decided to sell him.
    Next season he would be -20% in quality and to tell the truth, I don't see any super advantage in his performance.
    He had a special talent in free kicks but not when playing vs stronger opponents.
    My mutant-rvn-last.jpg

    I had an offer from a rival oppo in C.L. but didn't accept before finish our k.o. games.
    I sold him after that and before playing my C.L. final today (5 tokens).
    My mutant-rvn-offer-golin.jpg
    Golin, his new team, is first in his League 55p -51 p) .

    Van Nistelroy didn't help much so far

    My mutant-rvn-golin-3-games-1-goal.jpg

    let's see
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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