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Thread: Testing the 2-1-4-3 -If you wanna help lol

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    Formations are broken anyway

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    Well maybe you can play with 1 dc and 1 dmc and win the season? If that works, you can prove that this game is ...
    Oh, few years before we played 7x7 with formation 1(dc)-3(mc)-2(st) and won second place out of 5. But if you play normal football or imitate that, such non senses shouldnt work and its shows that fantasy exist
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    what about the result when you play with 442

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    I already played like this with good results, don't use dmc it will ruin your offside trap( DMC interfere with the defensive line by falling between defenders-> lowering the D line ) , use a low MC
    Orders: -Hard attack - short pass - focus mixed - counter off -high pressing- zonal marking - normal tackle ( or Hard if oppo make more fouls than you ) -off side trap on
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    Testing the 2-1-4-3 -If you wanna help lol-screenshot_20180927-030827.jpg

    urs is quite similar to mine...
    2cb, 1dm, 2cm, lm rm, atm, rw lw...

    Been winning the league since lvl 1 (now lvl 9) without manipulating the draw...
    3 times triple (thx to friendly abuse lol)

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