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Thread: Managerlevel 1, Season 2 preparation

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    Managerlevel 1, Season 2 preparation

    Hey there,

    first im going to post screenshots of my team so maybe some more experienced players which i for sure assume to find here can help me.

    Currently i won every cup and league game so far with a decent margin. I would not consider my team as old but i ll probably need a great CM i feel like my other CMs are not at the very best level.
    So because i will surely win the league and the cup i don t ask for your help for this season either for the next but i will have to start preparing for the new season now. Konoplyanka is not for sell as there are almost no players like him in top eleven..had approximately 18 games ( including event and association games yet) and didnt get a single 7 or 6. There are no games when he doesnt get an assist or a goal.

    But i would appreciate it if you could advise me who to sell/and maybe who to buy. Also when i see other teams who have an average age of 20.5 or so my team feels a bit old lol. But as i know that every player will lose one star at the start of the new season i have to be ready for that in order that change wont effect my results and success too much.

    I do appreciate every helpful answer doesn't matter if its just a comment to my team or a tip.


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    approved thread**

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    I have some tips here

    but it's too early, only day11 of the season.
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    , wow. it pretty app with me