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Thread: Official join my association!

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    hey flo, you tempt me to participate with my third team
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    hey flo, you tempt me to participate with my third team
    So what you waiting for?Jump in if you have time lol

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    Filled for now
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    Lightbulb a New Association is launched - suggest yourself

    First of all, hey guys - hope you have a good end of season.
    in a few days(when new season well start) i well creat a new association
    There are some requirements to make it a successful one

    high quality
    manager with high quality (minimum 105%)
    international language
    manager english speaking is very important
    activity & action
    player must be active and watch the games during the tournament, additionally if is it possible to loan players And of course to practice(training) with friends

    right now we are 2 managers
    1) i am well be around 120%
    2) my friend are with 108%

    and we are looking for 2-4 new members to start the challenge.
    if you want to join the association and you think you meets the requirements send me private message.
    good luck to everyone

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    Sixth member wanted. We are a good association in Silver 2. Won 14 of 18 tounaments, 1050 points. Its name is Koscuestars #MWD4YM more than 95% if possible

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    Our association called The Incredibles is looking for one more member. Association is international, Silver division 2 /highest level/ and we play another final tomorrow. Joining is by request. I will add you, if you find us using the search engine and filing a request. Cheers

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    Hello guys,
    My association has a member position vacant. Teams that have atleast 5 star rating (i.e. above 80% overall) are invited to join us.
    If you wish to join and the association is full, reply and leave info about your team here and I will try to free up a position if your team is good.

    Association info:
    Name: IPL (we're still thinking of a good name..)
    Silver division 2: 742 points
    Tag: #JK1WMC
    Preferred language: English
    Home game timing: 6:30pm IST

    Hope to hear from you soon..

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    My team is in silver divsion 1, and we eagerly need one active player b4 the tournements starts, minium of 90%, its open #Q2N6FD
    its full atm but message, and i wil try to find you and place, if for an exapmle if your team is 100% or better
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    Are you trying to get to the top and feel your association isn't cutting it?

    Dragon Alliance (Silver Division 1, North America) is looking to recruit 2 highly competitive managers. We are aiming for the top and need players who feel the same way.

    Association Stats:
    Silver Division 1 (Ended last season with 1001 pts)
    1st Place: 12 trophies
    2nd Place: 3 trophies
    3rd Place: 4 Trophies
    Never finished last

    Our Association Requirements:
    - 6-star starting lineup(110%+) OR 5-star starting lineup(100%+) of an ambitious manager working towards 6 stars.
    - Always keep all training bonuses maxed 10% for association tourneys (we can provide advice to achieve this easily), always help other members with training bonuses
    - Active in chat to discuss strategies and loans
    - Frequent attendee of live matches
    - Fluent English speaker

    Join by Request: #DE8GC2
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    I am seeking clubs for my association. Feel free to join.

    About my club:

    Name: Ouzy FC
    Started Playing 10 January 2013
    Level 33.

    My association: The Fighters (Flexible to change the name)

    Thank you.