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Thread: amazing bug!!

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    amazing bug!!

    I was winning my cup game 4/0 at half time.I disconnected and got back in the game... i lost 3/0... How is it possible?

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    this is what i found in one of game tutorials

    NOTE: If you see the result change from a match that you saw finish, very occasionally there can be server issues which cause the game to have to re-simulate some matches. This would inevitably cause the results of matches which had finished, to be calculated again. This is a rare issue, however.

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    Is it I was watching a friends game he scored 1-0 to him after 7 mins I went to check on another game,when i got back to my friends game,he was being beaten 1-0 and he had no shots on goal,crazy...?

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    probably, are you 2 on the same servers? if you are you shouldve been disconnected as well, and this stumps me. if not then yeah, you saw his game was simulated

    and kudos to josip for reading through the forums and stuff
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    La conexión con el servidor se cortó, y el partido se simuló de nuevo, porque el resultado no se guarda a mitad del partido... me paso 2 veces... en mi caso... a favor, pero... ..(-.-)' nada puedes hacer, pues en sí es un problema de las aplicaciones de facebook... eso me dijeron en el soporte...