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Thread: Help us improve new commentaries!

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    Current - ""(speler/player) neemt de corner kort!""
    Fixed - ""(speler/player) neemt de vrije trap!"" (or something like this)

    Sometimes when I should get a free kick, I get a corner. This should be a free kick (vrije trap) instead. I think this is not only dutch language, but in all languages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _pontifex_ View Post
    Hello guys, we really appreciate your feedback. There are many new commentaries now as you've noticed, and we did our best translating them to all 42 languages, but doing that much translation can be a bit overwhelming. Of course, this means some errors slipped, but we will do our best to fix them as soon as possible.

    We could really use your help, though. You have a lot of experience in football terms and phrases and we will gladly accept any suggestions you have.

    So, if you want to help us, please leave a comment on this page. You should comment if you notice any misspelled word, grammar error, comment that doesn't make sense or doesn't feel football-ish.

    There is a similar thread in each language subforum, so you can leave a comment for your language there if you want.

    Comment should be in the following format:
    Current commentary
    Proposed fixed commentary
    Any comment you have (grammar error, misspelled word, looks like it's literally translated...)

    English language
    Current - ""Ambitious long-range drivvve!""
    Fixed - ""Ambitious long-range drive!""
    Word ""drive"" was misspelled.

    Thanks again for all the great feedback you've been providing!
    Hi, the german translation is good. Only one mistake ... good in german is "gut" - not "good"

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    Hm, how about this, guys?

    Language - Anyish
    Current - babble/twoddle/bollocks (mostly)
    Fixed - get (a) native football enthusiast(s) to chuck in some ideas, run them through the forums, implement, repeat
    Comment - It was somewhat terrible to begin with; now it's just unprofessional, abysmal, so bad that sometimes, I burst out laughing, together with other gamers who take the mickey out of me for playing 'that kiddy sh*t'

    What's the big deal, anyway? The commentary doesn't seem to show any correlation to match events/outcome. Nobody gets hurt, apart from Phil who gets a headache reading it (you should sue them, Phil; now that's the language they understand without translation I'm sure).

    T11 (just like the rest of those not only FB-based Johnny-come-lately internet firms) functions as a banknote printer; for those that own it. Their employees and mods are your usual brand of corporate space-wasters to make sure it stays that way.
    Changes, if any, are driven by the question 'how can I/we increase my/our revenue as much as possible as quickly as possible?'
    Sometimes, I seem to hear: 'How can we give our customers/users the best possible experience, and still make a decent profit for yonks to come?'
    But then the alarm clock goes off...

    Away from the internet, if any regular Joe tried to run their shop like this, they'd be out of business before they can say 'shoot - I'm broke'.

    Only on the web, folks...

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