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Thread: Problem with iPad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rautz View Post
    RAM has nothing to do with it

    I completely reinstalled my iPad from scratch, I even tried both 9.3.5 version and 10 and it's the same problem

    Also there's the fact that all other videos from Tapjoy or in other games run without problems.
    Thanks, yeah seems odd, like my ipad mini is a mess but the other is brand new and run perfectly in all other cases. But can barely watch a single video in TE...

    Tried to reinstall TE, clear everything, and what not. Nothing helps.

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    Guys I've been having the same problem for a long time now. I keep reporting it and have tried every possible fix. The thing is, all other apps play videos on my Ipad fine so it doesn't matter what you do, it's down to the developers making a hash of the app. Plain and simply incompetence on their part so don't stress yourself trying to sort it. I have now given up on the game because if Nordeus with all the money they are making from tokens can't invest some of that by employing developers who know what they're doing then it's their loss. Screwing up the app so that we can't get boosters isn't going to make us put our hand in our pocket. It just turns people like myself away from the game and onto something else.
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