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Thread: This must be a bug: If you sub on defensive player=concede sub on attacker-score?

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    This must be a bug: If you sub on defensive player=concede sub on attacker-score?

    What is going on. When I sub on attacker I usually score in the same minute, and same with defender concede goal. What is going on in TOPELEVEN? What is the logic behind it? Is anyone else having this happen?
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    In the past (cannot say if it is the same now), substitutions and the act of a manager or a supporter suddenly joining in a match that is already playing caused random instant-like outcomes, including undesirable and even non-logical ones.

    You have noticed effects, but nowadays, for me this game looks more like a pre-determined thing. Many matches were as if on playback, and what happened on the pitch had little sense or no sense at all in terms of what the manager did.
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    it's not a bug
    Same as ever was.
    By the time, you 'll learn about the game.
    if you read some forum threads, you 'll learn quicker
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    Same happened to me a while ago. I was losing 1:2 with almost equal team, changed left winger to another - next minute I scored. 2 mins later opposite team player had an injury, changed player (by game, not by player, he wasn't attending) and minute later scored a winner in 89'... No matter I changed tactic to defensive, no matter I tried to get a draw to the end - they scored. What's more, it's the second game in a row when I lose 2:3 and my best defender (102%) plays like a rookie and has got 5 for his play. Why should I watch the game and spend tokens on good defensive players (2 seasons ago I bought a goalie 116%, now he's 104 and concedes more goals than his teammate with 89%) when there is nothing I can do in game cause it looks like it is set up from the beggining?