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    Quote Originally Posted by onionjoe76 View Post
    Where can I find this compensation, given that it was me who brought the subject up? I am owed for wasted green energy packs I used for a match that didn't take place (or at least not one I could attend) and I have also failed to complete a special sponsor award which has meant another 12 greens missed out on. So that is at least 23 greens I am out. Thank you in advance.

    Why not just give everyone 200 tokens as compensation? It surely costs you nothing in real terms, but it would be a start in terms of making up for the series of issues players have to put up with these last couple of years. I am about to enter my 10th year playing and the way things are going, I may well not make my 11th and that is 100% because of errors, bugs and poor customer experience.

    Just noticed too that my association has slipped in the relegation zone. So thanks for that too (not!!)
    Found the compensation. You didn't exactly make it easy to find and it's time limited. WTF, what about people who are away for a few days over the new year?
    This offer is awful, it doesn't even come close to making up for what your error has cost people. It's an insult given the compensation costs the company nothing at all. If you keep this type of thing up, you will have no players soon enough. As per above, I definitely will NOT be reaching 11 years playing the game. I would quit right now but I have a lot of tokens and packs that I will run down to zero first. Thanks to the company for taking a fun game and making it a money grabbing piece of garbage.
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    Restructure your teams and get new teamleaders this was a shameful discrace yesterday for a company that earns around 20mln GBP monthly. A stable and correct game is too much to ask for......? This happens way way too often.

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    @jarharnamme exactly!!!!

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    On New Years Day, T11 continues to be f*cked. It’s running incredibly slow and Training page isn’t updated, so that when you train your players, you can’t see what their current condition % is unless you restart the app (I play on iPad, and in my case it takes a device restart to update the Training page). Has T11 run into some kind of curse, or what’s going on?

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    same crap happens again today in association matches. all 6 of our association members are online and ready to enter our home match and kapoof, the game breaking bug happens again and we lose our association home matches where we can easily won. so how nodeus gonna fix this? 100tokens compensation?

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