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Thread: Hard tackles

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    Hard tackles

    as hard tackles influences yellow cards and penalties?

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    another fun debate ahoy mateys

    on both my teams i switch between the tackling styles, and some people can confirm this too
    hard tackling gets you less fouls, cards and penalties compared to easy, but on par with medium. heres my ratings for tackling styles based on fouls, cards and penalties
    easy > medium = hard
    they dont seem to injure your team/opponents though as i see them all as equal, but thats another story
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    I seldom injure opponent's players playing hard tackling. My player's don't even get carded often. Fouls seem to fly in regardless of tackling style. So to me, NO, hard tackling does not have any major influence on fouls, cards & injuries. I think it only determines how effective your team wins the ball off the opponents.

    Cards, fouls & injuries are as random as the weather nowadays...
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    i use hard tackles and i do not get carded more often than with normal tackling. I only got 2 red cards in 2 seasons. Injuries did not have more than usual. I use hard tackling as it seems to bring something my team is 2 finals away from back to back treble. In league in the last 2 seasons i only have 2 draws did not lose a game since level 1 and my average q is only 24.7 yet i whoop players with even 30

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