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Thread: relegation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killerbee View Post
    How so? People are always getting promoted regardless of any relegations?
    The real issue that I see with this is that it will be harder to get promoted because there will be strong relegated opponents that you have to beat. Though I guess there shouldn't have to be more than 1 opponent like this per league.

    It's just a bit weird that there's no punishment for not doing anything about your team or losing on purpose. Losing even gets you the same funds apart from prizes at the end of the season.
    I understand it's made to make sure you can always catch up, but relegating teams like this will put them more on a level they should be on, abuse aside.
    I agree with you about something, yes they should be punished if they are losing just to remain with a very good team, more moneys and more tokens.
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    Maybe only have inactive teams get relegated, or some mechanism that prevents too strong a team relegating? I don't know, I really like the idea, because it would be more like RL, but I'm just not sure how they could implement it in a fair way, so that there wouldn't be abuse like dv8r said, you would have people deliberately working the system otherwise.
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    That will be "powertanking" completely destroying the set up of the game. Besides allways advancing and at worse remain in same level i think its more attractive for a game, from effort investement aspect.
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    yeah havent thought about the trophy mongers, im only interested in getting promoted every season

    what if 7 teams are still promoted, and the last 3 teams are demoted? i thought not making the CL was punishment enough so people will tank. if they get demoted next season that means yet another season without CL. also with the way the cups are set up theyd probably get those that are on the same level, so that too is kind of a punishment where getting demoted isnt the best solution
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