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Thread: Progressive creation of a Top Server in Level 50

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    Progressive creation of a Top Server in Level 50

    I think is a pending labour in this game the creation of a Top Server allowing managers to don't stay promoting forever without any limit.

    Too some servers always repeat the same leagues and are boring because teams face the same rivals and as usually theres one Top Server that sometimes is a unique level per server, we have servers with repeated groups....

    My suggestion to make this posible is start a reduction of the Max. level. to create a Top Server that should have a application of -5 complete skill points per player once the season finishes.

    So, lets say now the top server is at level 58, we change the 58 for a name like "Top Eleven Master Level".
    -No more promotion, as ... really have no sense... because the game, really at now, finishes at level... 20 or 25 that, is 2 years of game for free, when the stadium is done and you reach the max. salaries and so..... (we need improvements in this...yep )

    Then to do a easy job (for dev's I mean, to reduce the levels till a max. of L50) every season this max. level limit, should be reduced in -1.

    So 2nd season, L58 loose -10 of each skills and all teams go to the new Top Server that should be the L57, and L57 teams have a penalty applied of -5 skill points per ability and stay in same level.

    With this penalty the scouts sistem don't become crazy adding 7* or so and we have a target as max level that can be the level 50 that I think is enough for a game like this.

    Really, something have to be done, as the sistem itself create problems of different nature... and we have no real "reward to win levels as manager such as special bonuses or so..."

    Then... a relegation system can be added in these tops (that have not so much tams as the lower levels no¿?)

    And every 7 Top server leagues, maybe you can do a rule that apply a -5 of penalty on all players attributes that are in the 2 last positions that should be of relegation.

    Too you can call it Master League and do a special trophy fror that level.
    This will make it more special^^

    And continuin with the limits that game have is a little bit nonsense that arrived some limit, players in age 18 or 34 have just 2 millions of differance in it's value... all this, need a whole change by my viewpoint.
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    It s not so simple. It s very long chain with implications on both sides. they should do the same thing as with associations so that lvl is not important but stars at current lvl. I have no problem to participate the ligue with familiar squads or playing against lvl 1 squads (im lvl42) as long as we have same chance to win.

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    A Very GOOD suggestions..I'm not there yet but I'm hoping till I get there for some actual changes as it's a game I like and want to continue to play it..There are many great suggestions in this forum that will actually bring more revenues to Nordeus but it seems that nobody cares and I wonder why? @Khris send this to in-game support also, Maybe they will copy/paste to devs, as that's what they've told me after telling them to have a look in this forum and listen to the people playing the game...I would even let them take 100tokens for free from my account just to make this game great LOL
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    I love this suggestion. What's interesting as I get more experienced is that the background skills of the players become more and more important. That's is, two players with the same skill levels at the same position will perform differently with different talents and different levels of success. Scouting those players and understanding the strengths is subtle and much more than reading that a then player has for example Speed of 110. A max league will prioritize this scouting. It will also encourage retaining players into their 30s, which I like because team building and player synergy are interesting parts of the game.