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    No promotion, no 8* training allowed

    Title say all.

    The books of politic mentality say many tmes that people change their mind with the age... when people is young want freedoom, smoke weed and are of Left parties... then when they grow, they want stability, be a example and go to pray Ave Maria's so they suddenly become of Right Parties...

    This is exactly what happens to me, now I really as a manager, need a game more limited and with some more controls and Ave Maria's.

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    Another one I saw in your big post here.

    I'm personally a fan of limitations in games, I find them as features. Makes me try to think outside the box and try to best the game at its own... well game. lol
    Ofc, said limitations definitely have to be put in there with specific reason and be intentional and just a byproduct of poor design.

    Anyway I went on a tangent there - I think this suggestion will be better coupled with the rest you wrote about this in your other post, Khris. Introduction of Level 50 league cap and such.

    Thanks for the suggestion non the less.
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