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Thread: Friends Communities

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    Friends Communities

    As we know the problems to add firneds in game, such as play in same servers, or coincide in a friend league has been something so complex since the V.1.

    Is not known, for the newcomers how to create an account in a friends server, one have to find out info' that really belongs to the community of "old players" who know, the steps to do this, as the game mechanics, some more elemental, some the less....

    As FB has been a problem and right now with the new european privacity legislation some changes have been introduced in many plataforms, so as you've noticed since then for some reason we can't share any Top Eleven notification in our FB wall as before, I think that is the moment to move some stuffs in the internal side of the game, such as the Friends adding.

    I think that the game can be designed to find friends via FAs in some way.
    Maybe each asso' (or in the future if we have a redesign of the FAs sure that can exist a similar way) can have the option to add "followers" of that asso who can be automatically added in the friends list for support/gifts sending.

    Same when a new manager starts playing could be asked if he wants to start in a friends server, and there can exist a pre-option before create the team to link the teams as the gifts made time ago, something more clear and easy to understand, and can work associating the FAs to these options to have a chance to find Top Eleven teams in a easy way without the need of Facebook.

    Maybe the 1st step could be something like;

    -1 join T11 -
    2- find a asso where a friend is
    3- to save time, you dont need to accept a gift from that friend, in this pre-creation team area you can just search it's team and a option to receive a "starting gift" from that team to play in it's server can be added.

    Some stuffs are too much complex to be understood just when you join the game and should be explained step by step and in a easy mode.
    We've lost the essence too, of the starting versions were the philosophy was a "play with friends"... this can be applied to the system to create leagues with friends, that right now in many cases seems to go in it's own even do the steps of creating new accs in L1 and invite via Gifts everyone, many people after the 1st season is separated, and the lower levels, at least should have a option/trick to keep together friend teams.

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    This is a good idea (as a more simple one - older suggestion, to add friends our asso mates).
    The problem is with the asso tricksters .
    If some day we can play asso with our national team, I vote yes.
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