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  • 3D Graphics

    8 16.00%
  • Recovery the old Museum

    4 8.00%
  • Job Center - start with a ew club as before-

    11 22.00%
  • Top 100 FAs -Elimination?-

    14 28.00%
  • Academy Improvements & General Market Improvements

    30 60.00%
  • Simulation Realism (Game actions, when these 2 guys pass-pass x50 )

    19 38.00%
  • Fix Mutants Adding Skill Limits again or somehow

    23 46.00%
  • High Scores as Before (as where more proportional)

    9 18.00%
  • -Fix Game engine - Beatability Margins & General Simulation

    34 68.00%
  • Eliminate the Interferance between FA-Regular Comp (different formation spot)

    7 14.00%
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Thread: 2019 What are your priorities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junior King View Post
    What do you guys think??
    I was just thinking of something. Maybe it will not be able to happen but if maybe we could get separated in regions or servers and then there are about 3-4 league tiers in each region and you battle to reach the top tier of your region. Teams at the bottom of each tier get relegated to lower tier. And the top 8 teams of the top tier get a chance to face other teams from different servers or regions in the Champions League or Super Cup.
    This is a really cool idea!!

    Hopefully the devs of Nordeus, will implement this!!
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    I think, Nordeus should change, that players only loose 10% or 15% of their rating, not 20%

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    1. Proof of the ability of training, formation, tactics and mental arrows in matches.

    2. Give more creative in making your own jersey and emblem
    3. Provide choice of stadium and facility construction. where currently all managers have a similar form. more fantasy..

    4. Event : Special event competitions for winners in league, cup, champion/super ..
    with the best gifts from the best.


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    Agreeable to all the previous posts, some add on
    More 5* youth players and sometimes give as 6* players- don't mind purchasing them
    Have another scouting option for players between 18 to 21 . The present 22 years and above not attractive enough unless they are fast trainers for 4 seasons.
    Lower the purchase prize of daily recommended players by 50%
    More options for self design of emblems esp the symbols

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    Hey guys, am new here but, am a Top eleven level 14 manager.

    I got a couple of ideas I'd like to share with you guys and hope we can influence the TE developers to add to the game.

    1st is the negotiation feature, Top Eleven has succeeded in discouraging many managers from enjoying the Negotiation transfer feature which I suppose should be free and easy to use, we managers should be the ones that should choose how much cash and tokens we which to offer another manager for a player and it shouldn't be influenced by Top eleven just as we have the freedom to bid any amount of Tokens on players. It would be better also if managers can put players for sale in the negotiation transfer feature so that we would be able to identify active players who want to sell their players though based on negotiation or auction. If you understand what I mean, is that managers can either place a player at the auction market or the negotiation market so we can negotiate with managers that are active (because non-active members cannot place their players for negotiation or auction) now managers, we do have players we do not need in our teams how about we use those players to negotiate for other players such as player swap or player-plus-cash deals inwhich players would be valued according to the managers level.

    2ndly a news tab or feature whereby managers can see what other managers in their league and champions league and cup competitons are doing atleast we should know who bought a new player and how good the player is, opponents players that added a star, completed constructions of facilities, matches opponents won so on (please add more ideas) so we can know what other managers are doing and then managers should be allowed to comment on the activities of each member the way we are allowed to comment on a news tab that only us read at the end.

    Please guys lets work on this: If we can all send this to TE support as feedback via our TE account we would have this ideas (and other additional ideas) implemented or added to the game in no time.

    Thank you for taking your time to read and for all additional suggestions and feedback and your actions towards the realisation this ideas in TE because nothing is more engaging and real in a football managing game than interacting with other managers especially through transfers this ideas would make many real addicts of TE!!!

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    I already made a thread about this, but fixing the rating system. You basically need to buy a whole new team to stay relevant sometimes and it's very irritating. Like have players develop over time, especially with youth prospects. Kinda similar idea exists with Virtual Manager, which I've also played -
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    And translating association chats based on our language sethings.
    How about more tactics such as Focusing team passing on one player and man marking systems.
    Cheaper nego feature.
    Full 2-D matches with 3-D highlights(TE can do it because they've done something of that sort with the Grounds feature of the game I mean that is 3-D. An example of this is the EA FIFA VS ATTACK Feature.) So as to make TE more fun and reduce the number of abandoned teams cause they'll love the feature. It shouldn't have to change the match system but just add 3-D highlights not full matches in 3-D it won't be fun like that.
    GKs should have stats for no. Of cleansheets and saves.
    And I hate paying tokens for those youth players who I believe should even join the team automatically when they are ready cause they might not even be useful based on their ratings to my team.
    Player-plus-cash and Token-plus-cash transfer options in nego feature for player transfers.
    More match statistics etc...
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    Rest and health packs

    Health pack concept is u realistic and the price for the quantities offered in app purchases is absurd. Currently, a players health or more specifically Their energy increases edit interval of three hours at which point All players health increases by 6% unless you increase rate of rest in exchange of a lot the of health packs. I believe that it would be more realistic and helpful to app users if the players health increased by every 15-30 minutes by whatever that fraction of 3 hours equals. For example, in real life a footballer does not take 3 hours to recover from a matched practice session I’m which the mode of recovery is fixed. So the system should try to emulate reality. Consider the Fallowing, ina scenario where I just I shed a match and trained 2 times for a match that’s 5 hours away, my players should not have to switch 3 whole hours or whatever time that is left upon finishing my match+training to make only get 6 percent increase. Ex. My game is in 5 hours (3 pm) after finishing match+train =next match time 8pm ~my Next increase is in 1 hour and 35 minutes = increased time 4:35 pm~my players avegerage has increased from 55% to 61%>it won’t be until 7:35 pm to get to 66% avg-OUR PLyers should at least get a fraction of energy in the 25 minutes that passed. A players energy should constantly rise by a fraction not all at one specif to
    Time. If I play a real game than comeback home and sit,it wouldn’t take 3 whole hours just to get back a fraction of energy, it would increase litigator by little until it reaches that level of synthesis

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    I’ve one suggestion. In my eyes An perfect one. Starting you’re OWN youth team where you still the manager of the club, but hiring An youth manager, specialist specially for you’re youth team with there own training schedules. So you can create you’re new stars. Just the same as the first team but then also for the youth team. Including tokens you can use for scouting youth players or buying youth players.

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    Fix game engine.
    In my opinion, this is a BIG issue.
    It's not fair seeing stronger teams getting defeated by abandonned or bots.
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