View Poll Results: What improvements would you like to see on 2019?

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  • 3D Graphics

    12 16.44%
  • Recovery the old Museum

    7 9.59%
  • Job Center - start with a ew club as before-

    12 16.44%
  • Top 100 FAs -Elimination?-

    17 23.29%
  • Academy Improvements & General Market Improvements

    49 67.12%
  • Simulation Realism (Game actions, when these 2 guys pass-pass x50 )

    25 34.25%
  • Fix Mutants Adding Skill Limits again or somehow

    31 42.47%
  • High Scores as Before (as where more proportional)

    11 15.07%
  • -Fix Game engine - Beatability Margins & General Simulation

    48 65.75%
  • Eliminate the Interferance between FA-Regular Comp (different formation spot)

    10 13.70%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: 2019 What are your priorities

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    What frustrates me is the opposition has their GK take a corner and I clear it and start a counter-attack with opposition GK out of position only for the move to finish mid-breakaway.

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    My vote goes to:
    - Fix Game engine - Beatability Margins & General Simulation
    - Academy Improvements & General Market Improvements
    - Fix Mutants Adding Skill Limits again or somehow
    - Recovery the old Museum
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    My vote goes to

    -Fix the game engine

    -Rework the transfer market

    -Make mutants work like back then. (Because if you train him "well' you should have an advantage)
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    I’d like more improvements to the Transfer Market and Academy tbh. I started the thread of me sh*t posting about how better the old market is but I’ll start another or reply here to elaborate more about what I wanted exactly
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    I'm so tired of watching my 3x times faster wing get outrun by a turtle. With 60%speed. U just know when the animation comes and it's a -'run' for the ball. The defender is gonna get there first even when in stats he has half a leg. Compared to Usain bolt

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    DCs at 1 percent speed will outrun your 200 plus speed attackers. GKs who have set piece duties score more and assist more than attackers too lol

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    There should be provision for loaning of players during the course of the game to make it more competitive. Thanks

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    I think the first thing nordeus needs to fix, is mutants. If no one wants to fix that then support mutants the game and destroy it till nordeus has to make an action, or i'd be just a dumb game.

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    the coding might be complicated, but the logic is to limit the players that a person wants to negotiate. don't allow a level 10 ~50 player able to negotiate with a level 1 player.

    negotiate should be like getting a better player from a better team. you should be able to negotiate maybe players that are 3 levels higher than you and the players is a 6 star player to you, but to the higher manager it might be a 3 star player. (This might be a bad example, which i think tons of people have better ideas.)

    in reality who wants to negotiate with another company for a worst player?

    I mean negotiate doesn't even benefit nordeus, in fact, more people will quit the game eventually, or more people will abuse the mutants/exploits, and people will reduce buying tokens from nordeus.

    Its a lost for nordeus either way.

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