View Poll Results: What improvements would you like to see on 2019?

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  • 3D Graphics

    11 15.49%
  • Recovery the old Museum

    6 8.45%
  • Job Center - start with a ew club as before-

    12 16.90%
  • Top 100 FAs -Elimination?-

    17 23.94%
  • Academy Improvements & General Market Improvements

    48 67.61%
  • Simulation Realism (Game actions, when these 2 guys pass-pass x50 )

    25 35.21%
  • Fix Mutants Adding Skill Limits again or somehow

    29 40.85%
  • High Scores as Before (as where more proportional)

    11 15.49%
  • -Fix Game engine - Beatability Margins & General Simulation

    48 67.61%
  • Eliminate the Interferance between FA-Regular Comp (different formation spot)

    9 12.68%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: 2019 What are your priorities

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    What frustrates me is the opposition has their GK take a corner and I clear it and start a counter-attack with opposition GK out of position only for the move to finish mid-breakaway.

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    My vote goes to:
    - Fix Game engine - Beatability Margins & General Simulation
    - Academy Improvements & General Market Improvements
    - Fix Mutants Adding Skill Limits again or somehow
    - Recovery the old Museum
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    My vote goes to

    -Fix the game engine

    -Rework the transfer market

    -Make mutants work like back then. (Because if you train him "well' you should have an advantage)
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    I’d like more improvements to the Transfer Market and Academy tbh. I started the thread of me sh*t posting about how better the old market is but I’ll start another or reply here to elaborate more about what I wanted exactly
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    I'm so tired of watching my 3x times faster wing get outrun by a turtle. With 60%speed. U just know when the animation comes and it's a -'run' for the ball. The defender is gonna get there first even when in stats he has half a leg. Compared to Usain bolt

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    DCs at 1 percent speed will outrun your 200 plus speed attackers. GKs who have set piece duties score more and assist more than attackers too lol

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