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Guys... I Keep saying this game would be world class, if it encourages us to sign players through transfer negotiation.
Imagine this for 1 second... opening the transfer negotiation window every weekend (Saturdays and Sundays only) whereby you will be allowed to a feature that allows you set your players as NEUTRAL (available for offers or NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE and every new player signed into your team would be set automatically as NOT FOR SALE. Negotiation would include cash and tokens for you the selling manager.

You can sign players who are NEUTRAL 24hours after placing an offer if there's no response from the other manager to REJECT THE TRANSFER or RENEGOTIATE then the player will join the club who sent the offer automatically after 24hours.

Placing offers will end on Sunday though the 24HOURS grace can go to Monday and RENEGOTIATING can continue throughout the week. Though you can't place a new offer for a different player after Sunday.

Think about this... since there's the option feature of being able to SET players as NEUTRAL or NOT FOR SALE and all NEW PLAYERS are automatically set as NOT FOR SALE, players above 99% RATINGS SHOULD BE ALLOWED FOR TRANSFERS unlike the current way of doing transfers on Top Eleven whereby there's a limit for the player rating of 99% I'll clarify further...

Player negotiation to reduce threats of cheating would be restricted to only teams in the same CL or SL, cup and league set up with your team at every particular season. You can't offer for players that aren't in the same manager level, cup, cl/SL and league setup as you are as at that particular season, this should allow signing players of 99% 100% 120% and above possible especially if they are set on NEUTRAL by the other manager.

Thanks for your support.

P.S.: been taking my time to write about this for years always disappointed to see it not implemented.

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It would be great to have the option to set players as not for sale. The 0 token offers are frustrating. Not for lengthening negotiations or allowing it early in the season as it leads to abuse by multiple account holders.