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Thread: Report august 2020

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    Report august 2020

    REPORT AUGUST 2020 by Khris


    Previous match reports don't show up?
    I have a variable of this one in CL games, where the team screen is cutted... so player list don't show up... -Reported already-

    -Add new building slots... To earn new facilities, that could be seasonal, earned by winning a previous seasonal tour, giving some kind of seasonal benefit, like collect X2 individual trainings, double boosters... etc.

    -Redesign schedules
    There are too much competitions, and matches are really spread in the calendar, this needs a re-think.

    -Add communities Items in the store.

    -Restart Video availability once we have the server daily reset, instead that 24h cap.

    -Still the 3-0 auto-win counting as draw and ending tragically the winning streaks.

    -Promote all teams with a single 8* player

    -Bring back Job Centre to change club

    -Show Live Scores on calendar

    -Close training for tankers and their players that reached 140%.

    -Nego's 25+ aged -pending**

    -Eliminate Boosters/Resources from Friendlies, integrate them in the Sponsor Event, as Tasks, setting a Cap of Friendlies per day rewarded to 8.

    -Recovery the old Museum.

    -Give an achievement for those who won the IC and delete that page with the comp, integrating it somwhere else.

    -Fulminate the Negative %'s forcing to train negative attributes first.

    -Home page/Live Matches, with a mini list of current active Matches, those with more minutes played.

    -Re-think Friends League Feature. Change the wide margin it have, for a close one, and add a feature allowing to create cups and quick tournaments to be played/completed in few hours.

    Spanish forum
    Pre season tournament -1 week of pre-season to prepare the team with friendlies and do a cup with champions league winners etc

    Bug keeps showing 2 pending trainings always before any match, despite you've trained twice

    EXTRA by Khris

    I'm gonna comment some stuffs today.


    As we know, many of the existing games in 2020 allow the players to have fun by creating competitions and streaming the game on different platforms.
    Sadly. Top Eleven is designed in a way that makes it hard to stream, on FB, YT or Twitch platforms... etc...
    So we need to gather the different options that could improve the game to make it friendly streamable.
    Here some points:
    - Schedules, as I mentioned previously, are a chaos.
    The game game many competitions with spread matches in the schedule. The Friends league, have 3 games per day, spread,so, we can't create a Tournament, to be played now, "today afternoon" let's say, and stream it.

    We need a Open System to join Friendlies set by Friends. with 0% support, so a option to set neutral venue and allowing to join just for streaming reasons.

    I would say that the "timming", between 2 matches set in the schedule to play a tournament should be of 25 minutes of distance between 2 matches.
    So lets say we do a cup, we want it completed today, so the engine sets the matches to play a cup from 16s, sparing matches 25 minutes by 25 minutes to give time to change settings explaina dn play.
    Another option is a Tournament with the Event feature options, so, set a Cup, or any kind of tournament, involving 2,4,16 managers, 32.. and the match start when the local manager pushes the "Start game" button -like in the events, maybe could exist a X distance of minutes by default from previous match played-, so both can attend.

    -Easy Gifting system -more open, even a option to buy and Gift Tokens in game, or create a Tournament with Tokens /Officials as gift.


    The Game is expanding compared with the Previous versions, making obsolete old devices an making it resources consuming.
    So could exist a Top Eleven Lite version with the most basic stuffs, without show pop ups and different effects quick to load just to train, play a Live Match or, buy players in the market. So all other options hidden and simple.


    The Feature is obsolete and far away from what should be a tournament keeping a minimal standards, Hard manipulations are a constant and as happens with every single exploit, hole or abuse, if you don't tackle it, you are forcing other managers to do the same.
    Same is happening lately with League manipulators, the affected managers facing these teams, are forced to do the same.

    So, first of all, I would redesign the calendar, for practical reasons, Preventing the FAs interferring with Decisive days.
    I would Bring the Rounds to Monday-Tuesday, and I may agree with the idea to have a "double" round, set during 3 days, and it should include that day in the season where we have 1 single League Game - day 21st? lol- so, 4 FA games that Day, and then the 2 previous days or days after, 2 days to play the 3rd+4th FA seasonal Round. It could include a system to prevent manipulations btw.

    Then the AvQ system needs to be redesigned seriously to have close draws.
    It should obviate all 1-4* players of any team, setting a minimal AvQ of 5* with a easy formula like:
    Count 1 Single Player per team, the one with Max. AvQ, Min AvQ counted 5*.
    So, 6 players counted.

    Let's say it counts 5* 5* 6* 8* 7* 8* = 39* so, 39'X* avq should be drawn with similar avq FA.

    The Feature should Provide a Class Managerial experience that now, sadly is missing.


    We had a out game site with a personal team history of achievements etc...
    The game could externalize Players and Club Rankings perfectly.

    to be edited***

    Please share your thoughts about that point regarding a more streamable version of Top Eleven. What would you do, to make it "friendly streamable", as I added few points but we would liek to read your viewpoints and ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    -Restart Video availability once we have the server daily reset, instead that 24h cap
    Agree with it not sure why the 24hr cap was placed in the first place.

    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    -Close training for tankers and their players that reached 140%.
    I doubt it will resolve the tanking issue. it will encourage upselling even more. hence even more multiple account. im not sure what is the policy of this game regarding multiple accounts as some other games discourage them strongly. Also i would like see 180% cap reinforced. as now a days their are too many teams with 180%+ players.

    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    -Eliminate Boosters/Resources from Friendlies, integrate them in the Sponsor Event, as Tasks, setting a Cap of Friendlies per day rewarded to 8
    Have to disagree with it. As im bit annoyed regarding the constant ingame notification about friends playing friendly match. but what ever they are earning from playing friendlies is a reward for their dedication and time invested in the game. so it will be unfair to punish dedicated players for playing a game. rather the focus should on how to stop tanking and getting stronger by being lazy and not playing the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Agree with most of the suggestions expect the match day. globally sat-sun is considered as holiday (not my though ) they will have less excuse not to show up on FA match day.

    But the FA match game engines need to be retweaked as its very annoying to see opponents 1* MCs getting 7-8 rating in game. vs 6*-7* MCs their are more exploites and flaws should be ironed out.
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    -Restart Video availability once we have the server daily reset, instead that 24h cap.
    that is very good idea but i don't think nordeus never change this politicy.

    -Fulminate the Negative %'s forcing to train negative attributes first.
    This item is exactly like this: because some people don't discover how to do it or because they are jealous; It is unfair to the owners of these teams, where effort, thought and time are spent specifically, to want this training mode to change. If this happens, there will be a serious stealing of rights. It is disrespectful to those who work hard in the game by removing the difference between the person who spends logical time and tries to learn the intricacies of the game and the person who randomly plays in the game. everyone can make passive skills %1 or neg%.. . it is need for active skills to upgrade %340, you know. everyone can make. with 1 account it is not impossible.
    If we are must train the Negative %'s why collect everyday Green Boosters ? a lot of players spend time for videos every day.

    some people complain about this incident because they are unable and jealous. it is a pity, people who are far from fighting and just used to defeat.

    I would Bring the Rounds to Monday-Tuesday
    a lot of players are has free time usually Saturday Sunday. this is a fact you want is going to cause many people to be passive.

    *Association draws:
    Need only 2 parametr:
    Associations with high scores should draw lots. While doing this, attention should be paid to the general average power(max average %20) . so as not to create a favorite. these two are enough for justice. a system where new teams can / cannot be in the top 100 every week with a consistently high level of struggle.

    example : 4 asso
    # 1800 point %117
    # 1758 point %112
    #1780 point %121
    #1906 point %128
    average %128-112 =%16 not favorite for matches.
    Last edited by rewulation; 08-28-2020 at 09:20 AM. Reason: add asso draws.
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    * T11 Lite very cool idea. * The 24 Hours rule should be removed. * FA should be awarded in individual awards, especially for top 8 finishers

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    Good job khris. I really like Top eleven lite idea and 24 hours video. Recovery the old museum.
    Some kind of our own sorting jerseys and emblems, it's making problems for me when I want to find specific home and away jersey (cause I have them 400 and having a lot of problem to find what I am looking for when it is not sorted).

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    Great post Khris lets see if something passes and the game become a little better
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