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    And FC Barcelona start the second half. And Thanapoulous nutmegs his marker,then passes to Pelcl. Pelcl with a skillful cross in the box. Gaucho receives the ball but his marker tries to tackle him,Gaucho gets rid of his marker with a fantastic sombrero flick. Gaucho decides to shoot a knuckle ball,and he shoots with all his power.The ball flies like a rocket in the air.The goalkeeper tries to catch the ball. But the ball enters the net.Great goal by Gaucho.The keeper was helpless...
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    It seems the manager will risk it all and throws in another attacker. The player coming off is Stamate the central defender who despite the other team scoring twice had a very good game and limited the proportions of the score. So looking at the team know i really can not understand what setup will they use...3-1-3-3? never seen a more unbalanced team before. But a goal scored in this final 8 minutes will see them qualify in the semifinals of the cup. The opponents intercept a risky pass but he pays no attention and he just offers the ball to one of the am's who with blistering speed despite being fat and short and old (i can not explain it either) dribbles past one then another thou he has no dribbling skills and only 2 stars in level 3 but that's the beauty of the game only one left in his way will he shoot? he tries to go round the keeper then a great pass to toth the dl (nobody knows how he ended up here and where are the 6 offensive players? 3 strikers 3 am's and the one who will decide if we qualify for the cup semis is the dl? really? toth alone with the open goal he must seems the bold moves made by the manager will pay off and his team are in the semis but wait what just happened? he shoots it way wide. Guess that's what happens when the dl is in finishing position. So despite the home advantage the extremely offensive set-up the win in the first leg away from home the team is out of the cup and the supporters are starting to ask for the coach's head. Wait sorry that only happens in real life here u lose nobody cares. You even get more fans while losing)

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    Bratislav FC is down 2:0 and the coach had to do something in order to stop FC Ortiga's early domination on the field. And it is a tactical substitution in the 34 minute. Veselinovic is leaving the field while Markovic is receiving the last piece of advise from the coach before he enters the game. And Veselinovic is not happy about it. He refused to shake hands with the coach and slammed the seat in the dugout.

    Bratislav FC badly needs a boost in the opposition half and the coach knows it. Let's see if this change can help them take control of the game and possibly score.

    GOOOOOAAL. Bratislav FC got one back right away. FC Ortiga's goalkeeper was more concern with the furious reaction by Veselinovic and did not notice that the referee signaled game on. Babic scores with amazing solo run and perfect strike from outside the box in the left corner. FC Ortiga gave the goal away without a fight. Brilliant reaction! The game can go either way now...

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    TV Pundits.

    Pundit1-Who would have thought at the start of the season these two teams would be fighting relegation.

    Todays match is being played at the home of Bratislav FC who have just completed there stadium upgrade to a 31,000 capacity and todays crowd are in for a relegation battle.

    Pundit2-Many have predicted that Bratislav FC will win but i think FC Ortiga will win this match and i have a prediction Milovanovic to score first and the result to finnish 3-1 to the away side.

    Match starts.

    FC Ortiga kick of and go right on the attack a long searching ball forward and Markovic slips..... Milovanocic is clean through on goal there can only be one outcome......GOAL !!
    Both sets of fans are giving Markociv a hard time.

    Pundit1- Bratislav FC 0-1 FC Ortiga
    Pundit2- Get in there ya beauty ohh sorry folks.

    13 mins Freekick to the home side and there's some pushing in the box the linesman is calling the ref over.

    14 mins Ostojic is shown a yellow card we will need to watch the replay to see what happend
    Pundit1 - It looks like he was booked for holding onto the attacker
    Pundit2 - What are you looking at he grabbed his nuts

    25 mins Hendriks tries his luck from the halfway line can he lobb seaman in goal ohh it hits the bar and falls to Milovanocic Goaaaaaaal !!
    Pundit1- Bratislav FC 0-2 FC Ortiga
    Pundit2- What an effort from Hendriks that will go all over the internet.

    34 mins Markovic is being subbed even his manager is shaking his head at his performance some scout player here.

    34 mins Vessllnovic is one on one with the keeper this is his specialty ohh he passes .... Gooooal Babic
    Pundit1 - Bratislav FC 1-2 FC Ortiga

    44 mins Mracina is going off injured
    Pundit2 - Must be his crushed nuts eh !

    Pundit1 - 53 mins Simovski notices the referee has dropped his cards and gives the ref a red ohhh the referee gives him a yellow come on ref it was a joke...

    73 mins Stankovic is telling the bench he wants to come off
    Pundit2 - Pahh two levels higher skill level and playing with a rating of 4 no wonder he wants off

    83 mins Gooooooal ! Hendriks out of the blue what a strike
    Pundit2 - 83 mins yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh fkin beauty get in there im off to sunny spain
    Pundit1 - Where are you going ?
    Pundit2 - To the bookies to collect my winnings
    Pundit1 - But you play for thepeoples team your not allowed to gamble on matches in your league ?
    Pundit2 - Shhhh dont tell anyone and ill give u 50 tokens.

    Final score Bratislav FC 1-3 FC Ortiga

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    Since MDKII won't be running these forums anymore, I'm taking over this competition.

    I can see some really nice submitions. Keep them comming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kustodian View Post
    Since MDKII won't be running these forums anymore, I'm taking over this competition.

    I can see some really nice submitions. Keep them comming!
    Is good idea to give 50 tokens for something in this forum, at now I've only seen that in facebook... or twitter, so, sure if you writte about that in these pages, more people will be registred here to participate.

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    It appears that Hendriks 83' strike has pretty much sealed the game for FC Ortiga, at least going by the run of play so far. With 7' to go, the Bratislav coach is fervently praying for the God of Trolls to look favorably upon him and shower the team with 2 or even 3 goals - not entirely uncommon in his career, but he has usually been on the receiving end!

    He does of course rue the fact that the goal was the outcome of Stankovic (intended to sub the Injured Mracina) going missing during the match, only to show up in the 73' and promptly hand over the ball to Hendriks so he could walk it into the goal. Camera closeups showed Stankovic muttering to himself and talking to the voices in his head, however he took the time to shout back at the coach that he had been abducted by Aliens - the same aliens who have abducted all the young 5* players from the Transfer Market.

    Appears to be an interesting end to a very entertaining match, as Mracina is back on the field, hobbling around with a broken foot, trying to figure out how he can kick Stankovic's A%$# without injuring his good hamstring!

    Stay tuned for our next program, although I cant promise that Saturday Night Live will be more entertaining than the comedy we currently see in matches like this!

    Quote Originally Posted by kustodian View Post
    Here's a chance for forum-goers to win 50 tokens! Use the image below as reference to put together your own football commentary. You don't need to use the actual comments that are within the game, just imagine yourself being a TV commentator watching the match below.

    Select one event from the match, like a goal, foul or injury, and describe it in around three paragraphs. On Monday morning, 11AM GMT, I'll close this thread and then announce the winner on Tuesday. Your commentary can be funny, serious, or a mixture of both, as long as it's entertaining.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDKII View Post
    Here's a chance for forum-goers to win 50 tokens! Use the image below as reference to put together your own football commentary. You don't need to use the actual comments that are within the game, just imagine yourself being a TV commentator watching the match below.

    Select one event from the match, like a goal, foul or injury, and describe it in around three paragraphs. On Monday morning, 11AM GMT, I'll close this thread and then announce the winner on Tuesday. Your commentary can be funny, serious, or a mixture of both, as long as it's entertaining.

    Good luck!

    Good morning everyone im John Macinroe! and welcome to the highly anticipated match where the two biggest heavy weights go head to head for the league title!. Both teams level on 78 points at the start of the final day of the season the tension is immense, Bratislav FC have a far superior goal difference so a draw here will see them retain there league title for a fourth year in a row but dont right off FC Ortiga just yet! they have been building a fine squad over the past 3 years under the new management of former Manchester United manager sir Alex Fergursen,since coming out of retirement he has worked wonders with the yourth academy and together with his new shirt sponsors Nordeus they have made some huge investments in players, this is an exciting time to be an FC Ortiga fan right now, anyway the players are making there way out onto the pitch and the noise in this sold out woderfull San Siro stadium is deaferning!, so dont go away folks the match is coming to you live in stunning HD, mobile and on PC just after this quick break.

    Welcome back folks, the match is just about to start, our referee today is Rowan Attkinson who just recently passed his referees badge and is highly honoured to have been given this opputunity to martial this match!. Mr Attkinson looks at his watch , looks at his linesmen and the whistle we go folks. FC Ortiga get us underway and are straight on the attack, Simovski has the ball and we know what great skill he possses, he weaves past one, then another, this looks interesting! he might go all the way! a gap appears in the defence!, just one more to beat, ....great pass to Milovanovic, he must score!...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL LLLLLLLLLLL. FC Ortiga take the lead with an thundering drive from there leading goal scorer, the keeper had no chance, it practicly broke the back of the net 0-1, 2mins.
    What can Bratislav do now, they looked stunned by such a quick goal, they need to liven themselves up there still a long way to go.
    Babic has the ball, he looks to work some magic, he cuts inside, skips past one then another! Crash OOOOOOO!!! what a shocking tackle by Ostojic!, he is the last defender he must walk its a straight red for me!, the players surround the ref, he is ushering them away" go away" he keeps saying, Babic gets up he looks ok thankfully, Mr Attkinson calls over Ostojic he is clearly pleading his innocence!, Mr attkinson goes to his pocket, will it be red? out comes the card, YELLOW!!!!! WHAT, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS MAN, Bratislav fans erupt with boos and chants, Arsene Venger the Bratislav manager is bouncing around on the touch line fuming, hes even just kicked over a bill board and chucked a water bottle at the fourth official!, Oh dear folks I must oppologise for that he is clearly not happy with mr Attkinsons desicion.
    Free kick to Branislav in a dangerous position, Mrancina to take it, here we go!, Mrancina runs towards the ball, right foot curler looking for the top corner! its over the wall!, great save by Cassias, world class he tips round the post.
    Corner kick to be taken by Piro, he wips it in but Cassias leaps and catches it, well held by him, Branislav bring the ball out with Veselonvic, he tries to go round Milovanovic but is dispossed, he cuts inside, goes past one , then another , just one to beat? Milovanovic looks to berry it!...Goooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll lllllllllllllllll, its 0-2 here after only 25 mins folks, shocking play by Veselonvic, he stands with his hands on his head, his team mates screaming at him, his manger going mental!
    Brantislav kick off again looking defeated already!, boos ring out everytime Veselonvic touch the ball, he looks nervous now, the youngster is clearly upset with the last goal, hold on theres movement on the Branislav bench I think theres going to be a substitution!, the fourth official holds up the board its number 3, no surprise there then!, Veselonvic is coming off and Markovic is coming on, the game gets back underway and Markovic gets his first touch, Babic makes a run!, Markovic plays a lovley waited pass that splits the FC Ortiga defence!, Babic is in the clear, he looks up! ,unleashes a pile driver that hit the left hand post and went in. Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll lllllllllllll, Babic 34mis, Hart had no chance!, what a strike by Babic that injury early on clearly long forgotton now, and we have a game on here folks Branislav 1 Ortiga 2.
    Since the restart the game has slowed down with most of it being congested in midfiled, as we approach half time Mracina goes down!,
    whats happened here? hes clearly in alot of pain, O its his hamstring! replays show him pulling up off camera chasing the ball just previously, hes being stretched off, 44 Mins,Brarislav are going to play out the final minit with 10 men,The game restarts and the whistle blows for HT, What a great game we have here folks were going to take a short break then were be back with hopefully more of the same in the second half dont go away!.

    Welcome back guys. were just about to get the second half under way, the most surprising thing is Mracina is back out for the second half!, I understand there was a confrontation in the tunnel as the teams came back to the dressing room folks, Arsene Venger clearly unhappy with the tackle by Ostojic confronted Mr Attkinson as to why it was not red!, in doing so we believe he man handled him so Arsene has been sent to the stand for the ramainder of the match!, as much as I and 20 million viewers out there also disagree with Mr Attkinsons decision you can not behave like that, all he has done is made it harder for his team!, anyway the referee blows his whistle and here we go again! Branislav get us going again and are straight on the attack, Del piro thunders down the wing, gets to the byline, good cross opputuinity!, he wips the ball in! Babic flings himself at it! but misses the ball completely and the ball runs out of touch, what a miss by Babic!.
    Ortiga bring it forward with Terry, he passes to Balotlei but he slips! but regains control and the attack continues!, Baloteli whips in a vicious cross!, Mracina gets in the way! the balls up in the air!, Mracina goes to control it but gets clattered by a flying elbow from Simovski, clearly a foul, Mracina has blood coming from his eye, it looks quite nasty boy this bloke had some hammer in this match, Referree calls over Simovski!, the replay shows it was deliberate! this has to be a red card this time surely!, YELLOW AGAIN!, the stadium erupts with chants and rants all at Mr Attkinson who quite frankly is having a terrible game and his inexsperience has had a decisive outcome on this match! Ortiga should be down to 9 men!, dreadfull display of refereeing folks, theres even a little snigger from Simovski as he knows hes got away with that one!.
    Free kick to Branislav, who hoof the ball up field, Vello clears for Ortiga and the ball runs out of play!, Mracina brings it forward but is clearly struggling now!, he kicks it back out and goes down, he is going to have to come off!, Stanovic replaces him 73mins, Ortiga graciously give the ball back to Branislav and Babic brings it forward!, he goes past one, then another! he might go all the way!, one on one with the goal keeper! he shoots!!!!, Cassisa throws himself to the left and tips it round the post! what a save by Cassias!.
    Branislav have a corner, Erikksen takes it, Terry knocks it behind for another corner! the crowds going wild with "COME ON "chants to Branislav players!, Erikssen takes the corner! whipped right in to the centre!! this looks interresting!, Babic flys through the air and heads it goal woulds!, its passed cassias but it craches against the cross bar and Terry clears the danger! WOW folks what a chance! hes so unlucky but he should have scored and he knows it!!.
    Arsene Venger continues to rant and tear his hair out in the stands at his disbelief his teams not on level terms, he knows a draw is good enough to win the league., what a game folks the atmosphere in the ground is electric!, Markovic brings the ball forward for Branislav, he tries to go past Bale, but Bale reeds the situation and wins the ball easy! theres open ground infront of him!, with electric pase he flys down the right, weaves past one!, cuts inside and unleashes a thunder left foot effort that was past Hart before he could move!, it crashes off the underside of the bar hits Hart! bounces onto the right post and across to the left post! hits it and comes out!, Hearts in the mouths of Branislav supporters that would surely have been it!, Stankovic brings the ball out, he passes to Babic who runs at the defence! great sliding tackle by Terry, he wins the ball and plays a 40 yard cross field pass to Hendriks, he controls with his chest and on the half volley smashes it goalwards! Hart dives to the right! he gets fingertips to it!....but its not enough it flys inside the post...GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLL Hendriks 83 Mins, 1-3.
    When the game restarts Branislav have had the stuffing knocked out of them they cant seem to play 2 passes without losing the ball, FC Ortiga play keep ball now knowing the league is almost theres! Branislav are chasing shadows now!, Mr Attkinson looks at his watch and blows the final whistle......ROOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR RRRRRRRR erupts, singing and chanting all around the stadium as the FC Ortiga fans celebrate, Ortigas manger sir Alex Fergusson is runnung round the pitch waving the Ortiga flag!, what a wonderfull achievement in such a short time, Arsene venger on the other hand has already dissapeared down the tunnel.
    Well thats it from me John Macenroe folks its been all action match hope you enjoyed too, untill next time... good bye....

    P.S I used more than one idea because I got lost in my story and had to finish it lol.
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    @skidz (quote looks too long)
    twas beautiful (avoiding the arsein wanker part *cough*). thinking about remaking mines into a full match commentary too along with making paint pics to go along with the story
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