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    Be a Football Commentator - Win 50 Tokens!

    Here's a chance for forum-goers to win 50 tokens! Use the image below as reference to put together your own football commentary. You don't need to use the actual comments that are within the game, just imagine yourself being a TV commentator watching the match below.

    Select one event from the match, like a goal, foul or injury, and describe it in around three paragraphs. On Monday morning, 11AM GMT, I'll close this thread and then announce the winner on Tuesday. Your commentary can be funny, serious, or a mixture of both, as long as it's entertaining.

    Good luck!

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    Lisbon, portugal
    The game is about to start in this February raining night, here in the stadium "Mario Coluna" in Lisbon.
    The teams already decided that FC ORTIGA Will start the game, Milovanovic and Guzmán already near the ball in the center of the field.

    The refere gives the sinal and the games starts, Milovanovic passes the ball to Guzmán, and further back to Roudaut, thats make a long pass to Stoyanov in the left, he passes the first opponent, Ribas appears in His way, he tryes to get rid of him, great control of the ball, and he passes the ball between is legs, Stoyanov near the end line, what will gone do?
    Great cross to the center of the area, Milovanovic enters with the head..... And great save from Seco, its a corner to FC Ortiga.

    Guzmán is preparing to take the corner from the left side, Jordanic touchs with the head in the first post, Milovanovic enters in the second post, totaly free do opponents and its a goal.

    GGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL for FC ORTEGA, Milovanovic quicker that the defenders, enters in the second post to open the score.
    1:0 to FC ORTEGA

    Milovanovic continues His run to be top scorer, with 9 goals in 10 matches.

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    Well, this is the advantage of solving ppers online, we can log in here to check whats going on well, exams starting on monday and 50Ts this side, i will spend 10 minutes for 50Ts!!!!!! so here it goes, don't mind it but what commentary i am going to give no commentor will give as it will be too funny for footie commentary and way too tongue in cheek and kinda insulting.

    The game is about to go into half time with Orliga leading 2-1 at their home, with 1 goal of Quality and 1 goal of COMEDY!!!(something funnynhas already happened with the 2nd goal they have scored). It has been raining heavily since the match started and the players are falling all over the pitch, some have their noses bleading already... And NO, Mohammad Ali is not playing.
    And 1min to go for HT and Bratislav have the possession of the ball, they will look to slip, pun intended, their way through Orliga's defence just as they have been slipping all evening. Its Stankovic with the ball, nd he tries to pass to Zelenka, but wait, Zelenka is on the Left Flank, isn't it? Well, the ball goes to Mracina . Which physio decvlared Stankovic fit to play? He still seems to have symptoms if conjuctivitis. Anyways, Moving on, Mracina is moving into the D with the ball, and Orliga defenders are trying to tackle him, but they are toppling ober on top of each other. And Mracina skips past the last defender and is one on one with the mud covered keeper who has mud in his eyes and can't see and is moving his hands around like a blind man in the dark(huh?). And this can be the chance of Mracina to scvore his first goal of the season, and he takes it down and shoot!!! Wait, where is the ball??? It is neither in the goal, nor in the blind keepers hands and neither did it go anywhere outside the pitch. And Mracin is down. BTW so is my fellow Commentator Gerard Pique but he is down because he choked on a cup of tea. Why is Stankovic down? And the club physio and doctors are wearing their raincoats and grabbing their umbrella to move towards the fallen man. They have finally reached there after 5 minutes as they fell literally 16 times on their way to the D. And they were laughing at the fallen players, duh!!!
    Mracina is being stretchered off. Lets see in the replay what actually happened. Okay, as u can see in slow motion, Mracina lifted his right leg to shoot the ball, but ended up kicking his left foot...... O o, that is why footballers shouldn't be obese, then they can't differentiate between the football and their legs...... Anyways, what happened was immensly funny.. I mean... Sad... He should be off for a few weeks, hoefully he reduced weight in that much time.
    The game has resumed since Mracina's injury, its 70th minute now, yet there has been no replacement for Mracina as none of the subs want to play in this rain and u can barely walk there.......

    Well, here it is, may not be as good, i could have written better had i given som time to it, but I can't spend more time on it sadly.... Enjoy and all the best to all
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    ataca el bratislav buscando un gol para acortar distancia en el marcador, el balon lo lleva Stankovic por la banda, ¡¡ amaga el centro, recorta y deja roto al defensa, la cuelga de zurda al segundo palo... llega Babic que la controla con el pecho la pega sin que caiga al suelo ...!! goooooooooool de Babiiiiiiiiiiiiic, la rompio el delantero que pone emocion al encuentro... 2-3 en el electronico a pocos minutos del final, aqui no hay nada decidido aun...

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    mine isnt about a goal or a controversial decision !!! oh no it's about mr Saransh Vatsa not getting his hat trick lol 1st a bit of history

    My only ever scout in 10 seasons is called Saransh Vatsa A striker bought for 1 token lol ( then 1 token to change his name ) he has not been playing as well as hoped he is studying for exams lol.

    We sit very pretty on top of the league with 8 points cushion but we have drawn the last 2 games !!! we needed a win to get back on track !!

    We kicked off against Top eleven fc at home who are 8th in our table many draws so hard to beat I thought so I promised our top quality striker Saransh a topless massage from my self after the game if he got a hat trick and we won !!!!!!!!!!!.

    well he dribbled for half an hour ( seriously not with the ball just dribbled from his mouth with a big smile on his face ) for 20 mins before the game , even put his studying books down and kind of put his serious face on ( as serious as one can look while dribbling) lol

    so the game at half time we are 3-0 up Saransh has scored 2 and the dumb ass assisted 1 when he could have shot and scored himself lol

    2 goals from midfield in 2nd half with Saransh running around with his arm in the air shouting pass to me !!!!!!!!!!! on 88 mins my winger Cafu gets the ball takes on one !!!!!!!!! then another !!!!!!!!! a gap appears in the defence !!!!!!!!!!!! he is through one one one with the keeper !!!!!!!!!!!! will He score ??????? will he pass ?????????????????

    He passes to Saransh !!!!!!! an open goal !!!!!! he carnt miss !!!!!!!!! he is already thinking about me topless !!!!!!!!!!!! he taps it towards goal and !!!!!!!!!!!! It whistles just past the post !!!!!!!!!!! pmsl

    Unluky Saransh !!!!!!!!! keep trying hun !!!!!!!! pmsl

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    what the point in winning 50 tokens when (new ) transfer market is dead as dodo ??

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    Why is MDKII's profile showing up as a guest?
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    weird, its like he deleted himself or something

    ah well, aiming for the 83rd minute goal by hendriks

    League game week ten between fifteenth place Bratislav FC and sixteenth place FC Ortiga has been an edge-of-your-seat thrilling encounter. The battle for first, in last place, has been very entertaining thus far with FC Ortiga leading by just one goal, 1-2, with only 10 minutes remaining. The crowd, silent as fans believe they should be paid instead of paying to watch the game. The ground, soaked as the sprinklers malfunctioned and turned themselves on. The air, hazardous as this stadium is built in an unused region of the airport. This paragraph has been built to get you on the edge of your seat.

    Suddenly, Brat The Bird, Bratislav FC's mascot, roams onto the field and attacks Head Referee Webster Herpaderp. Fans believed he was being bribed as he brandished Simovski a yellow card after a pushed-off-the-field-into-the-stadium's-murky-drainage-sewer ten minutes later (which in our honest opinion should have been tried for manslaughter), but did not allow Mracina to be searched and rescued until twenty minutes later.

    Assistant Referee Mac Deanald demanded Hendriks to kick the ball off field so Herpaderp may receive treatment after the bird was put to sleep with a shotgun. Hendriks, dumbfounded by the turn of events, miss-kicked the ball and was sending it out on the other flank. A landing aircraft blew the ball towards Bratislav FC's goal as Bratislav FC players were digging a grave beside goal for the late Brat The Bird. Bratislav FC Keeper, Keepervic, shocked by the glitch in the matrix that is the laws of physics, threw Brat The Bird at the ball in an attempt to stop the goal. Both were well done cooked into the goal as the aircraft pulled an emergency manoeuvre, lit up their thrusters, and aborted the landing. Hendriks, in the center of it all, died of a heart attack when the miraculous goal was deemed legal. Miji Hendriks, thirty-four years old, decided to extend his contract by three years just earlier this season only to no longer be with us a few hours later.

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    And in the minute 73', after 29 minutes injured, +15 of the half-time...
    So really... after 44 minutes injured, and with the player screaming like a angry seagull under the field, for the broken leg, finally, one "Lookheed C-130 Hercules Aircraft" of the USA army, do the landing on this s@!t ground field without nursing, and takes the crybaby player to a decent hospital...
    -This is the problem, when you play in the 4th division, medical services are a little slow... true John?
    -Yeap, Jamie, that's true, but that's not the more incredible... the most incredible, is that the 1/2 of the stadiums in Top Eleven were built in a old minefields of the 1st world war... and the most incredible is that the jet did not exploded during the air landing...

    29 minutes + 15 of half-time = 44min injuried and finally, the USA Army comes to rescure the injured player.
    God bless the USA Army.
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    What a great day for footbal ladies and gents as the game is about to start we are expecting a great Champions league final between Bratislav Fc and Fc Ortiga. As we have seen Fc ortiga had a very good run with only 1 draw this CL season. They face up a lucky team as Bratislav Fc won due to away goals in the semifinals. And the refree starts the game. Milovanovic at the ball looks confident, passes one opponent then the other , Milovanovic face to face with the goalkeeper he shots and the goalie misses the ball. Great shot by ortiga's striker. Once again Fc ortiga confirms their powerful potential. Its minute 25 and a long shot from Hendrinks but the goalie saves the ball and its a corner kick. Same Hendricks executes the corner, Milovanovic jumps to meet the ball and its a GOAAAAL, great header by milovanovic but lets not forget Hendricks with this awesome corner kick. Bratislav manager thinks its time to make some changes and replaces Veselinovic with markovic. Markovic with the ball , incredible dribling by Markovic, he only has one more defender to pass, a great cross from Markovic and bobic with last resorts manages to hit the ball and its a GOAAAL , goalkeeper never had a chance.
    Its minute 83rd and hendrinks tries a long shot once again, the ball deflects from the goalkeeper right in the left up corner of the net and the game is sealed. Great game once again from Ortiga fc.

    EDIT: i just realised its a league match, but i aint gonna change anything :P
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