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Thread: Season 43

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    Quite comfortable win although i'm unsatisfied with the % of shoots on goal. Altho i shouldnt complain as CL is the only competition we're fielding a regular formation. Also the opponents are quite good (q57).

    In the league, 4th victory on illegal formation by 2-1 even. All players in attack sorts the same effect of all in defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Gaule View Post
    Y'know, I never even thought os using support from my other 2 teams
    I don't like to use it myself, but if your playing against a team you KNOW that's got multi-accounts on the server then you need to be ready to cancel it out.
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    It has happened me a few times, where the opposition had 4 supporters. I would have used them tonight, as this guy has supported teams against me in the past, which is how I remember him so well.
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    WHAT THE...!?

    I honestly didn't expect this kind of result today... It's a pretty strong team and we trampled all over them using an asymmetric formation with Nascimento OOP... HAHAHAHAHAHA

    No match report needed. This is all you need to see. Absolutely shocked lol.. but it's a free pass into the semi-finals.

    Season 15 - Level 15

    League Winners (14) - Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    26-0-0 league (4) - Levels 3, 4, 7 & 8
    Undefeated in league (11) - Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14
    Cup winners (2) - Level 1 & 14
    Cup 3rd place (1) - Level 12
    Champions League Winners (10) - Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    Champions League Runners up(1) - Level 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Gaule View Post
    It has happened me a few times, where the opposition had 4 supporters. I would have used them tonight, as this guy has supported teams against me in the past, which is how I remember him so well.
    I had a random guy supporting me in the game against NAMO UNITED, I guess he had some trouble with them too and remembers it well.
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    Champions League Quarter Final 1ST Leg

    United Til I Die 2-1 Xrea

    United Til I Die 91.5 4-3N-2W-1 Xrea 85.1 4-2-1-3

    Suljevic blasted in straight from the kick off and we started to boss the game, Di Gennaro made it 2-0 20 minutes later but then they scored direct from a free kick, second half they put us under a lot of pressure and we continued to create chances but could not add to the score.

    Goals: Suljevic (1), Di Gennaro (23), Jr (32) MOTM: Suljevic

    Team Talk: A great start, but we came under real pressure in the second half and a real disappointment to give away the away goal especially to a free kick

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    Balkan United have been undergoing some huge improvements lately, both when it comes to the squad and results. I had the opportunity to test around 30 players before making up my mind which and whom will be in the 1th eleven and join me at level 2. Following players are the "chosen ones".

    - Saso Jusufi (DL), 18yr old.
    - Kristiyan Milanov (DC), 18yr old
    - Vladimir Kovacevic (DR), 18yr old.
    - Angelo Mora (MC), 18yr old.
    - Ignacio Baron (ST), 19yr old.
    - Edilson Teles de Castro (ST), 18yr old.
    - Regivaldo Marques Soares (ST), 19yr old.

    In addition, following two players will need another few days to show their talent on the pitch

    - Lewis Molloy (ST), 18yr old
    - Vlad Punga (ST), 18yr old

    The rest will be put on auctions and sold by the end of this week. Will probably need to buy a couple of replacements as well.


    When it comes to the league, then we are doing more then well. We stay strong and united, holding on to first place with maximum 51points. Recently we played against the toughest and strongest team in the league "Balaz United". Luckily we managed to win by 4-1 and therefore keep the 17-0-0 record. Tomorrow we face the Turkish "Besiktas" away.


    We had no problems with the Moroccan "AC Gummy" in the quarter-finals. We managed to win both 1th and 2nd leg by 10-0 on aggregate. We will face the Italian "Antonio FC" in the semi-finals. Hopefully we could make it past them as well and therefore play in the finals.

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    Had my best game on Topeleven this season
    it was the second game of the last 16 in CL
    i played the strongest team in the competition which had mainly scout players and a 7* player and was also quite a bit stronger than my team, somehow he only got second in the group so we had to play them
    so we lost the first game away 3:1 and i didnt have much hope for the second game
    but my team showed all its class and after 60 mins we were 5:0 ahead and won 5:1 in the end
    was an awesome game for me
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    League round 17

    Won 2-0 but it was hard. Opponent had changed the formation from 4-3w-1-2 to 4-1-2-1-2 WD. Next time I go for a other formation. We have now a gap from 7 points in the league

    Season 43-17-round-against-al-kang.jpg

    League table

    Season 43-league-table-after-17-rounds.jpg

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    FC Kneipenkick update:

    It gets tougher and tougher. Alayini Siker started with an all-scout team, but their starting 4-3W-1-2 did not suit our 4-1-2-1-2, so Kneipenkick went in front by Bolis (14.), Monroe (17.) and Lisy (43.). The home team manager switched to 3W-1-2W-1-3 as can be seen in the picture. I continued to play the starting formation, but that was a bad decision since the match got close and we barely won the match 4-3.

    In the league FCK could win 6-0 away, but stayed second since we draw yesterday 2-2 against the 4th (were 0-2 down at ht). So FCK is 2 points and one goal behind the first and should avoid further struggling.
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