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Thread: Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kynan View Post
    Having brought in no fewer than 10 scouts on day one of the season, and having a player go to 7* on opening day I was pretty confident of being able to retain my 100% record of winning the league every season. However, we have been given literally a league of death at Level 9 today.

    The average quality of the top 5 teams -

    SL Valclinic 67.2
    Flea FC 66.4
    FC Jupiter 65.7
    Lele DS 59.5
    Brombe Armate 57.2

    So even with my ten scouts my team (Flea FC) is not the strongest in the division, with SL Valclinic nearly 1Q better, and then FC Jupiter less than 1Q worse. I imagine that the title will be a three way blow out between us, with Lele DS and Brombe Armate not a million miles off the Q rate either to finish the Champions League qualifying spots.

    At least one of those 5 teams will miss out on Champions League football at level 10. Almost every other league at level 9 (having gone through all those in the Champs League to see what they are up again), the 57.2Q of the fifth best team in my league would be enough to be in the top two of most others.

    I fear my 100% league title win run will be over this year. SL Valclinic look to have packed a really strong team together. He's either farmed like mad like I have for months and like me has decided to splash out on his team this year, or he is a Token buyer. Same with FC Jupiter. All my Tokens have come from farming and I currently have 908T left in my bank. I feel confident that my team can get a top 3 finish - and at worse qualify for the Champions League. Promotion is an absolute must.

    The only thing that could end is my consecutive title wins - but I have to make the decision if its worth burning through my Tokens to power train to try and better SL Valclinic's and FC Jupiter's Quality to try and retain my title run - or to battle with them with my squad. Its all ego really for me in this - I'd love to keep the consecutive title's going, however I have decided that I'd rather have 908T in the bank and promoted to Level 10 with a nice arsenal to fall back on than burn through my Tokens and win league 9, but start Level 10 with a low Token count.

    I suppose it doesn't really matter how many titles and cups you win as long as you keep getting promoted. Long term I think it makes more sense to stick with what I've got at the moment and try and fight for the title.
    Level 9 is so, gather together the best teams. It 'happened to so many
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    AC GREENFIRE 2-2 LONDON CITY (90.5 V 97.4)

    We started our league season with a reasonable away draw in Chile. Calvin Charlton and then Wayne Dixon (from the spot), twice gave us the lead, but our host's came back to equalise both times. It was a real "game of two halves" as all the action happened in the first 45 minutes. After the break there was nothing of significance. New signing, Charlton was injured in the tackle that brought our penalty, and will miss the next two days.

    GOAL STATS: Charlton 6, Ashtiani 12, Dixon 22pen, Sunden 45

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    i am in level 17. why am i with level 18 players in champions league?

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    won my champions league game 5-1 at home but got my 4th injury in 3 days and still to play league game yet, knew game engine would screw me with injuries after two injuries on first day

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    Had 4 injuries in 3 games. + training at 10%

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    10 more Q, 0-0!

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    A good start for us in the league

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fernando Fuentes Serrano View Post
    i am in level 17. why am i with level 18 players in champions league?
    I'm L24 but I'm in a L25 Champions League. You are not the only one.
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    What formation should I play against 3W-2dmc-3W(AML/AMC/AMR)-2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reddeviljohn View Post
    Did someone not post the other day that to be successful you need to NOT watch your matches, well I guess we can cross that one off!
    Bull****. I lost 2 matches in one season while on auto-pilot. Watching matches is hugely important.
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