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Thread: Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)

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    Hello to all
    Busy these few days at work but managing to get time to TE
    Looking good in league. later I play RAKIA F.C tough game hoping for the best:

    Nice sale yesterday for 7T:

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    Another league win for FC Kneipenkick, but I am out of the cup.

    Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-cupexit.jpg

    Congrats to the other manager, who used the injuries of 2 of my 7* strikers very well. I could not really adjust my 4-1-2-1-2 to counter his tactical change from 3W-4-1-2 to 3W-4-3 with only one striker left.

    The strikers are only out for 2 days, so I won't heal them, but instead try to survive tomorrow with one striker left.
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    League, Round 8

    KS Kojnow 1-0 United Til I Die

    KS Kojnow 99.1 4-4-2 - United Til I Die 102.3 3N-5-2V then 3N-2N-3W-2

    On 22 minutes they took the lead, formation not working with only 1 shot on target so into the second half we bring on Januzaj for his debut and put Sanchez as AMC but that does not seem to work either with only 1 more additional shot on target coming and then on 79 minutes they injure him so I bring on McNamara and put Bosch as AMC but the equalizer never came.

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    Well win was very close:

    Opponent active as ussual:


    I have problem scoring from the game. This two goals are result from two corners.
    RVP and Giroud continues with good games:

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    A good day for us!

    We started with a 2-0 in league (both goals came from the same players and both from penalty)

    Then a 1-1 in CUP, we expected to this result because our players was not rested.

    Some of our last results

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    Not a lot can be said of this scrappy game. It seems that it was a case of one kick for us, then one kick for them. It was the first time we have failed to score in a league match this season. On paper we should have won, especially as they had a midfielder sent off after just 24 minutes, leaving them with just one player in midfield, behind one AMC. I don't know how, but my 'keeper, Laszlo Bartha was made man of the match, even though neither side managed a shot on target.

    We have now slipped to 3 points behind the league leaders.

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    I was nerding on diablo III for ps3 hence i merely checked T11 and forums lately. What to say. New Team and Pantshitters both entered the troll period with a wide difference: while New Team is stronger about 10-15Q in the league, and managed 3 wins by margin (2-1, 0-1, 2-0) against ridiculous 2-3* opponents, Pantshitters had it rough vs 5q weaker teams and collectioned a grand 3 straight losses after having won every match so far with ease (1-2, 0-1, 2-0). So before going to business...


    Now for business:
    New Team have won the 4th CL match with an easy 3-1 home vs a team almost same Q as them, leading the group with 12 full clear points. In the League, we're still on perfect score with 0 goals taken again.
    In the Royal Rumble Cup, tho, we knew with the upcoming troll it was going to be harsh, expecially against a strong opponent:

    In the first Leg we got TROLLED big time as we knew it would happen: possession, pressure, everything was overwhelmingly on our side and still, the engine made of our 14 total shoots, only f!@king 1 on target, with a imbecile 100% score rate. Of course it wasn't the opponent's case which managed to score twice from corner kick and from Free Kick. A nice present. No counter effectively worked since whatever we used gave us predominance.

    For the second leg we had no doubts into going 4-3W-3 and smash his ass out of his mind after such troll result, but we didn't make considerations about the engine trying EVERYTHING to prevent us to turn the tables, like ie:

    -Injurying our best 7* Tony Stark in the League Match. 3 days.
    -Inurying Stark's reserve (AML/AMC) Bluzhin in the League Match. 3 days.
    -After 10 minutes, injurying our 7* ML Osborn. 2 days.
    -After 30 minutes, injurying our 7* GK Badu. 3 days
    -Leaving us without options to change formations not to risk another injury and a 10 man match.
    -Bugging out at the end of regular time and letting us lose 18 mins of the extra ones.
    -Giving the opponent's only chanche to score in the match as Penalty Kick (converted).

    Nontheless, we beat the shit outta them anyways. So 4 injured, 25 missed shots and 1 penalty against later, we advanced to the last 16 like we deserved rightfully. Take this NORDFREAKS.
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    change strategy for my team,and shopping new players
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    Here's the draw. We won't be buying any new player since it doesn't look good at all. Let's hope we can get to 1/4 to collect another 8.1mil before rewards.

    The 2 strongest team in term of quality are somehow the first team and the last team in the draw, so they have a high chance of meeting each other

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    it won't be easy, but I have a decent shot. Both better teams on my side of the bracket sucks though.
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