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Thread: Not again !!!!!!!

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    Oct 2013

    Not again !!!!!!!

    I'm not a token buyer , just a little tokens i was saving from last season and went to bid on some player i really went into it and i didn't mind losing my tokens for fun , till this sh!t happened !!!!!!

    happened before in last season but i lost only 3 rokens not 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just want a reasonable reason why didn't the system accept my bid 5 seconds before bid ending !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Stop bidding in the last 5 seconds. That's very risky. I NEVER do that.

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    Try to add a friend 3-4-5 levels better than you to buy his players that are bad, in his case, but good for your level
    That's a game! maybe the other player had the same situation like you! and saved ..only 15 tokens to buy a player.

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    You're only asking to waste tokens if you bid late.

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    yeah, bidding late always carries its price, bid early, or try to bid on another player, im guessing that guys going to be focused on just that player
    or cap yourself, i have yet to break my highest token bid of 4
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    This has happened a lot to me recently when I try to bid when there are only 2-3 seconds left. I guess my internet connection was slow at those times.

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    open your MS DOS comander, (Window----> start----> assesseries----> ...) and type : ping -t
    see if you have something stable or not. i have this problem also but only in bad connection or when i face my ip
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