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Thread: Season 50 (09.02.14/08.03.14)

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    Morons! I'm trying to SELL players with better quality than what you are giving me on the auction List. Anyway, dont think this will be resolved today or anytime soon - if at all. Really frustrated, so I'm taking a semi-break this season and let the team run on autopilot. You dont get a single cent from me this season Nordeus! - Not for a player and not for a pack! and if this disaster is not fixed by next season - its been nice knowing you (NOT!)!!!

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    I will be ready when I can actually do any freakin' thing with my team. I have a full roster since i did not get any bidders all of last season! No bids - even on super Sunday - where are all the managers from the far east??!?!!.
    The market is full of aging 3* players and just 1 4* - NO Bidders again - so it keeps repeating.
    The scouts are older than my grandfather and less skilled!!!! - and on principle I refuse to buy a scout until the auction list is fixed.
    There are no Free Agents - so other managers like myself and not sacking half-decent players - not that it would do any good as i dont have space on the roster. And my academy player is just sitting there, watching the fun, knowing that he does not have a chance in hell of being signed at least for the next 7 days ... if at all!

    My message to whoever thought up this crappy idea - and I quote Garfield "Dont Hold your farts in, cause they travel up your spine to your brain and thats where ****ty ideas come from!!!" - Let 'em rip Nordeus. Bring Back the Old Transfer Market (BBtOTM)

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    Jose Lazcano and my new signing Gentian Gzjoza both have their advantages.

    Lazcano has been trained to spearhead any defense, his attacking attributes on average are 15 points higher than his Physical and Defensive attributes. (defensive average is 51, attacking average is 66 and physical average is 53) while Gentian Gzjoza is probably a Nordeus regen, so he is pretty well balanced. (defensive average is 58, attacking average is 60 and physical average is 59)

    Lazcano dominates a lot in the attacking field.
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    this season will be know as the end of the dream!
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    Kentucky FC update:
    Uih, filling the squad with some cheap late season transfers was not clever in terms of the cup draw. I am drawn into the top group of the server with 3 league higher teams and even after assigning skill points there are players with 15+ quality better teams and I expect that the gap becomes even bigger when they get active on the transfer market. Well, but in the first cup round there is a one league higher manager I faced before. Afairc he beat me once in the cup while I got something countable in the CL when we played at the same level.
    But now it is selling time, need to get rid of 3 players before tomorrow the youth products are coming. :-)
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    Sorry for you guys whose transfermarket is f%#ed, hope they'll fix it soon.

    Many players leaving A7X now, the sale of players is going well and we already have 2 big signings.

    Season 50 (09.02.14/08.03.14)-avenatti.jpgSeason 50 (09.02.14/08.03.14)-sola.jpg

    The DC is a my NG player for this season, fastest trainer I've had so far. The ST aint that fast, hopefully he makes up for it in the matches. I'm still bidding on 2 wingers, both double positions. Deadline for both is 7 seconds away. lol If I can get these, I'm done for now. I'm saving T for a youth acadamy player who'll be ready in 5 days

    My other team I had lost for 2 seasons looks interesting......

    Season 50 (09.02.14/08.03.14)-team.jpg

    Main problem here; total lack of T and facilities/buildings. Plus a very thin squad of low quality. On the plusside, I'll be in weak competitions so I don't need to go for the high quality players on the market, and a fairly decent budget. I decided to spend most of it on young 4* NG players.

    Season 50 (09.02.14/08.03.14)-1edwards.jpgSeason 50 (09.02.14/08.03.14)-1kovar.jpgSeason 50 (09.02.14/08.03.14)-1levichev.jpg

    Quite happy with them, now I just need some cheap players to fill my squad.
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    Our season starts with a BigBang... Well... Sort of... It's the name of opponents team in the first round of the cup!
    *Retired From Top Eleven*

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    My Captain For This Season Is.....
    Niloo Crofts
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    Should Kaka' have been selected for Brazil's WC squad?
    Tell us ur opinion-

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    I started this season doing 3 changes of name:
    The slovakian gk Peter buchel now is called Santi Cañizares ESP
    The younger ST Laencina, is called Fernando Morientes ESP
    The nordgen MC owned one morning... of name Paredes, now is called Zé Roberto BRA

    And I still having 10 tokens to buy a shirt, but need anotehr ST younger..... ...because Robben, and Shevchenko are 31

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    East java, Indonesia.
    My squad condition -_____-"

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    Congratulation Arsenal!!
    Hope these thread could help you, Formation-Tactic and GUIDE

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    Tomorrow, transfers and club updates will begin. Today we will be taking a break from T11 for a day.
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