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Thread: What a waste of time and money !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by satansboss View Post
    I might be wrong Usunfgames but is that happening because your not allowing for the percentage difference in the teams.

    I'll explain....

    If a 2 star team in the lower level draws or defeats a 4 star team that's a suprise because the 4 star team should be about 50% stronger if you looked at the qlty difference. When you at level 20 play a team 2 stars weaker the overall difference will only be about 10% stronger.
    Or to put it another way if a 40 qlty team plays a 36 that's not a guaranteed win. At your level and i'm guessing if your team is 150 qlty and you play a 135 team neither is that. It's the same match but with the numbers bigger
    maybe you're right..maybe that's why 6-7 stars teams lose with a basketball scores from 2-3 stars and it is too often.maybe devolopers use a percentage of the logic for generating result if so game after 20-th lvl is stupid and pointless totally no sense in buying players.judging by the huge amount of crazy around my lvl results are likely to be right, suggesting not thought through game devoid of logic in a continuous game.Cool story ...
    PS: with this logic my team can be 9 stars and i can still be on the bottom of table,in same time 2 stars team will rulz hahahahha
    Then when i use one word wich start with M and finish with N they offend rather than to see the error and correct it
    Top t11 lie
    1."if you want amaizing player visit scout"
    2.Quality work.
    3.SA work.
    4.Tactic work.
    The true is all is random..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Shaker View Post

    Dear Top 11 Players !
    I'm now in season 12 and I had some defeats which I couldn't understand, this time it is even a draw which made me completely flip out and here's why.
    If you really believe this game has some strategies or something else, you are dead wrong..
    I played some guy who really has a strong team, no doubt about it, I'm about 78.0 and he's 76.8.
    He had the 3W-4-3 formation and I used the 4-2-2-2 Hexagon formation which should counter it.
    I drew 1-1 which is very good in my opinion, until I saw his team and was SHOCKED !
    And they even want MONEY for tokens.. LMFAO !!!!
    Here's a pic and I really think you will understand why I have this rage now.

    (on this pic I have the updated 4-5-1 V style.. still for this team even 1 dc should be enough!
    if you want more pics just to tell you this is not fake.. keep me up.)

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    Nice to know I am not the only one that feels this way. This past season my games have been so random (I am at level 9). It can be a tad frustrating when you play a team much weaker, with players OOP and goalkeepers playing in mid and you lose when you use a perfectly logical counter. Now I will be the first one to say get over it but this is not an isolated situation. More than ever before I have seen people complain about the same issues in the forum. Whatever tweak they stuck in the code has really been felt by quite a few people. I love the game and find it really fun supporting friends matches (and vice a versa) but I think this will sadly be my last season.

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    How do i get a code for tokens?

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    u see from here..even more shock....

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    ?... I don't see where is the problem, Stars are just to show the Quality level of a player,what doesnt matter coz depends of internal proggramming, and a 4*can be better than a 8*... and the wrong position is what everyday I say, is a penalty under the player, in % of somthing ( we don't know what).
    A team can have penalties of, wrong position, less condition, less morale, no prize per victory... so at the end you can score a goal with a ST "0" condition and morale and as a AMC, so the wrong positions of this pic doesn't mean anything. Or you live with that, or nothing to do with this game mate.

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