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Thread: Screw this game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidz View Post
    Ive been knocked out in the prelims all but twice and only got to the first round! so anything after that is an achievement lol.

    Tbh I never get my hopes up with cup competitions, it's all about making sure you give it a good go.

    Let's be honest - A club like Fulham for example will never go into the FA cup expecting to win it, sure they'll get upset when they get knocked out but most of the time clubs like this will be happy with a giant killing or two.

    Some people get their hopes up too high - the game becomes so much more fun if you don't set stupid targets and just take it game by game.

    For example - I just started a new team this season, buying no tokens as opposed to my main team which gets heavily invested in, and I enjoy managing it so much more because I don't have any expectations, I take it game by game and it feels much more real!

    To be honest, I think the problem lies with how easy it is to win the League and Champions League competitions when you have invested a little in the game, I practically expect nothing less than 1st in each with my token buying team, so the only thing I have left is the Cup which is so elusive - sometimes it feels like the only competition left in the game worth challenging for, so that's why the emotions run high when you get knocked out of it season after season.
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    I have 3 cup finals and won 1. U can cheat this game, u can be in a lower cup, decreasing the team Quality at the end of season.
    I don't like this strategy coz I luv my players, and don't wanna sell them only for a Cup. They help me to win 5 Champions leagues in 5 consecutive editions, so...

    Just don't worry, is like when you put 1 euro to play a "futbolin" with 3 friends, or u win, or you loose.
    In both cases you will loose the 1 euro xD

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    Play noun - exercise or activity for amusement or recreation.
    Game noun - an amusement or pastime

    If T11 does not give you the above sensation or feeling then you should not take this seriously, unless you are a professional gamer who join all those world championships.

    The kind of venting & frustration some ppl have over this game... let me repeat that, a GAME.

    Really, ppl who get irked due to losses or what not that things don't go the IDEAL way should just play Tetris or Snake or something else

    We all KNOW that the game is flawed but it still is just a GAME.

    You dominated the match, sure, but he is like you said, on paper, the better team and better teams shd usually win. Imagine the rival manager if he had lost to you being the better team. Im pretty sure he would get livid as well. So yes, there are always two tales to a story.

    This is really an advice to help you with this game. Just quit if you get so pissed off at almost everything. Like someone mentioned before, no one really gives a crap that you've won the league - your name won't be on the backpages of your local newspaper. It's just pride and probably your wallet that hurts (since most ppl who complain are token buyers) and if you arent one, then you really do have unresolved issues in life.

    Chill...just PLAY the GAME
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    I too got defeated in CUP final 3-2......
    But yeah you have a screw and I have a screw driver so lets go after this game and try to win the CUP next season......

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    If at first you dont suceed, try try try again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidz View Post
    If at first you dont suceed, try try try again.
    yes but if you keep trying and keep not succeeding, then you beat the crap out of the game devs until they fix the game engine so that it provides a more balanced result system.

    umm, that was a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmund Bakkevig View Post
    Second season in a row i lose the cup final, both times i have to play against teams that is higher level than me. First season 1 level higher than me and this season 2 level higher than me. I had the upper hand in both games, this one 65% ball possession and loses 3-2. Other teams have 4 text chances and score on 3 of 4 i had 12 and score on 2 of 12.

    F!@k this game it is just bingo, so now i sell all my players, dump my team down from 6 start to 3 star so i can play the cup as i should f!@king have won 2 times, with a 7 star team against level 1 and 2 level 3 star teams.

    I am so tired of having to play against higher level teams and always get injures in the final. I gonna f!@k the fun out of lower level teams next year.

    You only have to blame yourself, you said before that you investe da lot in level 1 and 2, those are the easy levels, where you have the higher chances of winning the cup, because you start with a medium Q team, just need to buy a few high Q players to be competitive and win something.

    If you buy a team full of scouts you end in a CUP of sharks, with low chances of winning it.

    If you are not HAPPY, just stop playing the game, your threads are always about complaining of something, the game is not perfect, but you have the option of stop playing it.
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    Decrease your avg lvl. But, then don't complain if the League or CL is too hard. Some call it a cheat, but it has it's downsides too. Winning a double is relatively easy, be it league and CL or league and Cup. Winning the treble should be difficult.

    I am going to do exactly that with an account that has been in a slump for 2+ seasons with a 6* avg. I'll try and buy as many 4* 18/19 yr olds I can before the new season frenzy starts.

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