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Thread: Season 53 (04.05.14/31.05.14)

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    BLAUGRANA FC has won it's last league match with 6:1 and took over the first place!!
    I hope I'll not give it away 'til the end of the season^^

    For the first time we've used another formation than 4-1-2W-1-2:

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    Tottenham FC fought a 1-1 draw in the cup.

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    FC Bristbury's Dominance Continues!

    14 Matches played so far this season, 14 games won! Our winning streak continued with a win over 4-0 win at home against Ilham FC in the first leg of Cup playoffs, and a 6-0 win at home in the League against ofk Arsenal. To be fair to ofk Arsenal, I'm not sure what they are doing. They are playing a striker in goal despite having a reasonable keeper, and so forfeiting 80% possession to their opponents. Danny Pritchard was injured in today's League match, meaning that for 3 days we will have no back up MC. Luckily he is our normal back-up and was only brought on to relieve Adriano Lourenco, one of our two first choice MC's.

    And so, we still lead the League on goal difference, the Champions League by 3 points, and will likely enough progress to the Top 16 of the Cup. We have an overall goal difference across all 3 competitions this season of 71-5.
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    My little 15.1 Q 3* team's progress so far.

    100% in league and CL and a 4-1 lead in Cup Playoffs. (Now I've jinxed it)

    Star player stats:

    Our tactic is a cross between 4-4-2 and the Highland Charge.

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    Today league

    Ch l this season

    Cup already exit

    Play it like THE Dutch way !!!😉😏👍 Fc Bal op t Dak is all in 😜

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    After 1st week


    7th in LEAGUE Season 53 (04.05.14/31.05.14)-image.jpg
    1st in CL GROUP Season 53 (04.05.14/31.05.14)-image.jpg
    Lost today in CUP 3:2 away, so i still have a chance

    4th in LEAGUE, not a priority, so i am using my subsSeason 53 (04.05.14/31.05.14)-image.jpg
    1st in CL GROUP Season 53 (04.05.14/31.05.14)-image.jpg
    Today draw 1:1 at home, it Will be dificult win in 2nd leg

    A a Z FC
    10th in LEAGUE, changed a few players, but the opponents are strong Season 53 (04.05.14/31.05.14)-image.jpg
    No CL
    Today a compromising 2:2 home draw, after being winning 2:0, this can be our goodbye to the CUP

    D FC my 3* team is doing great
    3rd in LEAGUE Season 53 (04.05.14/31.05.14)-image.jpg
    1st in CL GROUP Season 53 (04.05.14/31.05.14)-image.jpg
    Today in CUP a 2:0 away defeat, still some hope.
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    Great match in todays league match! Played against the 2nd team in the league, 2nd best team quality just after my team, and we won 2-0 home! We both watched the game with no supporters.
    I took the lead after the 44' minute then I got the victory goal in the 86' minute.
    Top of the league with 6-0-0 and 34 GF & 0 GA!

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    I played what I thought was going to be a tough team today, his team is between 6 and 7 stars (83.2) I went 2-0 up and he put more men forward so I played counter and won 5-0 to keep a 5 point gap at the top, I think the threat this season is going to come from where I'm not expecting it.
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    This happened today somehow he won

    But we won in Cup against a good LV 9 team

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