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Thread: Season 56

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    Jan 2014
    Philadelphia, PA
    Busy last couple of days in Charger land, I missed my 2nd match yesterday while driving to a wedding. We won in the League as well as the Cup, and moved on the Playoff round. As for today....

    We lost, 1-nil away, in CL as our midfield struggled and their defense shined. We only managed 3 shots on target in spite of earning 8 corners. We now stand firmly 3rd in our group on only 3 points, and basically need to win out to have a chance to advance.

    Howard, Beasley, Grella, Califf, Johnson, Bjørge, Nogueira (Jóhannsson 68'), Gómez (Cerny 68'), Frost, Green, Bilali (Altidore 85')

    From that offensive struggle we moved on to our League match, which we won, 3-1 away. In spite of facing a lineup full of 6* players and a 7* goalkeeper, we controlled possession and rattled off 21 shots, 11 on frame. Jozy Altidore opened the scoring just before the interval, and Garath McCleary and Gabriel Gomez hit the back of the net within minutes of each other in the 2nd. The showing puts us in 8th place on 9 points, with that disastrous outing the other day continuing to haunt our goal differential.

    Howard, Woods, op den Kamp, Ikhide, Donné, Rowland (Frost 68'), Cerny, Carrizo (Gómez 68'), McCleary, Altidore (Grella 85'), Jóhannsson
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    8,062 you know what happens when a manager puts their team out in a silly formation and then doesn't wake up to see the game and change it? This:

    Season 56-kars.jpg

    So I *was* in second:

    Season 56-tabel.jpg

    I get to face this Team, #1, next in a pivotal match tomorrow:

    Season 56-kickers.jpg

    So here's what I have:

    Season 56-t-shirt.jpg

    So I could play anything that doesn't involve DML/R. Opinions please?

    Oh and this guy is in 10th right now, its a tough League:

    Season 56-uniq.jpg
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    The great last 10 minutes display of goalscoring from Alejandro Guzman, Jorge Rodriguez and Ian Thorpe, plus the first minute goal from Manuel Borhy, putting us in a 5-0 win over Muhamad FC.

    We will play our Cup match in the next few hours tiime, in which it is a competition where we didn't really expect so much from it.

    Nuno Leal's spot kick in the 77' records the club's 400th milestone goalscorer.
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    Had a quiet day, only one match. Match day 3Champs league. Unlike recent games where I scored early and often in this match, my team took 66 minutes to net one in. Then another, and another, and another, and another.


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    Yesterday's matches:

    A 7-0 win in the League that only pushes us to 6th place. 4 mins in Gabriel Musiol scores, ofcourse later he gets booked too. Just before HT da Silva makes it 2-0 with help from McInnes. The 2nd half goes incredibly from 55th to 75th minute 4 goals every 5 minutes scored by DC Justinas Buitkus, then Mirauskas, then Buitkus again and then da Silva AND ALL of them assisted by Thongchai Senagul who instantly becomes League's leading assister (just would be great if he assisted like this more often than every 4 days). On 85th Crank passes for Reginald to score the 7th goal of the match.

    Later, the horror continues: We face our old rival Knightswood in Champions League and apparently now having a stronger team and playing a counter formation is not enough to defeat a 2* team - we lose 3-2, goals from McInnes assisted by Ortega and LB Mohamed Abdallah assisted by Walker. Group situation is dreadful:
    Season 56-cl.png

    We need a ST and MC asap but managers are not keen on negotiating, actually mostly they're d*cks: won't accept and WON'T reject the offer so we have to wait 24h before making a new one on another player.
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    Not so many achievements:

    Season(lvl) League Champions l. Cup
    1(1) 1st - Prel.
    2(2) 1st 3rd Top 16
    3(3) 1st Top 16 Playoffs
    4(4) tbc. tbc. Playoffs
    Team's showcase: The PaceWhores (Lithuanian team)

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    League: Buffs FC get back (kind of) to winning ways with a 6-2 away win. New Academy recruit Kieron Lithgow (undecided on new name yet) scored on his debut.

    Goals: McStay (23), McFadden (34, 48), Henderson (55, 81), Lithgow (59).

    Opposition were set up in a 4-4-2 flat and Buffs strode out in a 3N-4-1-2

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    Update Our SCOREBOARD

    Winning 11
    League: Won 4-0.. now we are at 2nd place..2 points apart from the leader who lost his game today...
    Champion League: 7 points..1st in the group
    Cup: Draw 0-0 away game to superior Vietnamese team..consider not too bad result. try to overcome...

    Tuan DM FC
    League: Won 4-1.. 1st in the league..1 point apart of the 2nd and 5 points apart of the 3rd ...
    Champion League: 9 points..1st in the group
    CUP: Lost 0-2 at HOME ...the opponent was also very strong on the quality but infact we are dominating the match..they shot 3 and convert twice at min 87 n 90th ,,when we miss one penalty kick...poor us coz we did not attend the match so we still have slim hope in the 2nd leg..although very slim chance

    Winning Eleven
    League: DRAW 1-1 at home to 2nd place team..we were the better team..but troll haunt us again with 3 injured within 15 mins of 1st half..we did not attend the match too and consider we play with 9 man only..hic..1st draw of the league match ..Still 1st in the league..3 points ahead of 2nd and 3rd place
    Champion League: 9 points..1st in the group
    CUP: Lost 1-2 Away game so we still have a chance even though the opponent 2 level higher than us...we need 1 score at home then we can qualify...god bless our teams!!!
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    This season my team has gone mad...LoL...

    Defeating teams 2 level above in CUP easily with score lines of 3-0, 3-0, 4-0...

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    Cup P/O: Buffs FC lose the first leg 1-0 at home.

    After conceding in 19 mins the Buffs defense hold up well to the opposition but Dalglish fails to convert any of the few chances that fel his way as Buffs are reduced to shooting on sight from distance, without much joy.

    With a 7Q starting 11 advantage the away side strut out in a 4-3W-1-2 and Buffs dig the trenches with a 4-1-4-1.

    When asked about the prospects in the 2nd leg Buffs Mad said "All we have to do is win a game of football. Not hard is it?"

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    what is happening to the top eleven forum ? I remember it was much more active a few months ago.. every Season discussions thread like this one had atleast 120 pages at the end of the season.. C'mon guyss?!
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