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Thread: Season 57

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    Augh! It's obvious I'm a minnow in a league of sharks... still languishing, currently in 10th. Just got my butt handed to me by #2. I don't feel like power training my guys, so my goal this season may just be promotion.

    ChampsLeague has been going well, though. So at least there's that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buffs Mad View Post

    And so it continued - from end to end like a ferret in a shoe box. ....
    That made me laugh out loud, very descriptive yet hilarious.
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    Damn, what a crazy game, I'm in the next round of cup after i scored in 84 and 86.... (3-1 at general)
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    2 days ago we won our LEAGUE game by 2:0 goals from Oztuk and Klimov who got MOM

    Yesterday we got trolled by a abandoned team with only 8 player with contract the rest are auto generated players, away, they beat us by 3:1 our goal was scored by Klimov, 2 penaltys against and 1 red card.

    Thank you Nordeus! Whend you lose against abandoned teams, Why should you be active on the game and pay?
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    Champions League Update: The Galacticos went out with majorly their 2nd string team but with a few first team players in Meftouh, Heym and Enasoaie. Their first team selection was proven as they were the players who caused the damage in the match who came out with a 3-0 victory with goals by Meftouh with his 18th goal in 18 games and providing his 14th assist. He is quickly developing into a club legend with this form. It was a routine victory with another clean sheet which will make the manager very happy.

    The Galacticos went out in a 3-4-1-2 attacking formation against the opponent 4-4-2 Classic. However, it was not at all an easy match as for 30mins from the start the opponent was causing a lot of trouble and had a few clear cut chances which they fortunately did not take (Including a double corner)

    The manager decided to go defensive mentality and goals swiftly came on the 36 min when Meftouh converted a double corner taken by Nagy to take the lead. Half time approached and the manager decided to stick with the same tactic, his decision was awarded with a well taken 30 yard screamer by the Nordgen Enasoaie assisted by Meftouh right into the top corner. Another goal followed as MR/AMR Dino went through on goal and passed to ML/AML Abdul Kadir who kindly slots it in for their third,

    No goals or events came till the end of the whistle as the Galacticos now prepare for their crunch league match later today. The manager is delighted by the performance of their 2nd tier team although against inferior opposition, but they did not disappoint which was the main thing, the manager of the Galacticos will have trouble with the team selection at this rate

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    Bayern have 6 injuries, 5 will be reay tomorrow :3

    finally LOL


    and the cheerleaders have a Cup draw in 2 days against a level 8... level 3 vs 8 LOL

    now I go to see the Port Vale FC lol

    The target for Alavés FC is play alone and try to be 4th for a CL place.
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    Season 57-screenshot-18-.jpg

    LOL ma girls played some minutes ago against revs fc robot team and had 4 injuries LOL but ma girls still unbeaten :3

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    League: Buffs FC get out of the doldrums versus bottom feeders and blast the league wide open with a 2-1 away at the league leaders.

    Four teams are now tied at the top and the Buffs have slipped into 5th 3 points behind.

    Opposition set out in a 4-1-2-3 and the Buffs went defensive and counterattacking in a 3-1-4-2.

    Buffs Mad had to withstand several nerve jangling moments after striker McCoist had given the Buffs an early lead. Three FKs were defended before the break but the home side pulled level shortly after the restart. Buffs Mad sent the wingers to more advanced positions. As the Buffs counter-attacked again and again, central defender Hutton went on an amazing solo run from deep and finished neatly after 'rounding the keeper.

    Just as the Buffs looked comfortable and still threatening, at the back MC Gemmill pole-axed Messi in the box. Messi is as Messi does - he made a complete mess of it and ballooned over.

    Now the Buffs have to keep it going when they face the 6th placed side in the next league match. Oh the joys of being a manager. *bum-squeak*

    Correction: The Buffs are 6th and play 7th next.
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    Well, after 2 defeats finally another victory, hell of a league even the 13th has a 5 star team, everything possible, from Cl to bottom of the table, glad today could win, at least stay first half of the table

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    ROBBED that`s an understatement i lost 1-0 at home to a 90th min goal, i completely dominated with shot`s left right and centre yet only had 4 on target while i only saw them attack twice and got 9 on target ?? and to make matter`s worse they booked my best two player`s late on so they miss the most important game #stitchup
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    Academy FC (29.6*, 1st place) played at [Unkown Name] (30.2*, 3rd place) last night. The first half was quiet, with no goals, substitutions or cards. Both managers attended the match, and shortly after half the opponent scored (51') and then made a sub (for the goal scorer). AFC made two subs in the 77', and one in the 88'. Finally, in the 90' Santo Tarpani found the back of the net, and the game ended 1-1. Given the earlier result, I feel pretty good about this one. It also keeps AFC in first place (20 points), just one point ahead of 2nd and 3rd (goal differentials of +13, +14, +9), and 2 points ahead of 4th and 5th (4th has a GD of +20).

    Champions League:
    Maxi und FC (17.6*, 4th) hosted AFC (29.6*, 1st) today for the second meeting between the two in Champion's League group play (the first meeting was a 12-1 victory by AFC). Given the prior result, AFC came out very confident, soring in the 12', 13', 19' and 20'. They added one more before half (32'), then netted 4 more in the second half and the match ended 9-0. Thomas Lorenz scored 3 goals and assisted one, and Chris Clemmence assited 2 and scored 1. This result has AFC in first place in CL with 13 points (4-1-0; 32 GF, 5 GA). With only one match left and second place sitting at 8 points, the final CL match will be for subs and reserves to play.

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