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Thread: Why is my team so bad this season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElPocho View Post
    4-3-3 hard attacking , normal tackling, counter and offside trap + good players almost all 5 stars+some 4 stars and your will win many games , look at my trophies
    I don't think i ever lost against 4-3-3

    I'm only at league 6 but i have won this...
    league 4 times
    Runner up 1 time
    CL 2 times
    CL final 2 times
    Cup 1 time
    cup final 3 times

    So i believe i know how to win but it gets very hard to win when the core of your team, 5-6 players that have proven to be very good player for the last 2-3 seasons, one of them even from season 1 all the sudden perform 4 and 5 rating in every game instead of the avg 8 they have always done.

    Only way to fix that is to buy a lot of tokens and buy a new team and i think that is the reason they perform so bad, Nordeus is trying to force me to pay up.

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    Since 14 seasons playing champions league, this season i'm the last. Today I played against the lider, I won 2-5. At minute 8 the result was was 2-0. At this moment he entered in the game. Then, 5 goals to my team in about 30 minutes against the best team of the competition, who only had 7 goals received... Definitely the game this month is in troll mode. I imagine the face of my rival looking the result.
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