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Thread: Season 63 - Week 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by el_crack_7 View Post
    Hola chic@s.

    Una pregunta, soy nuevo en esto y era para deciros mi problema.
    E llegado a la copa hasta las semifinales, y de golpe me pone que e ganado 2-3 y luego e perdido 2-1 y al lado me pone una "E" y a la final a pasado uno que habia ganado yo en octavos y no lo entiendo...
    alguien me lo puede explicar porfavor
    Buenas, puedes subir una captura de pantalla?... en todo caso antes que nada debes contactar con el soporte, regĂ­strate y manda un ticket ahĂ­ explicando el caso y espera a la respuesta, no suelen tardar:
    Nordeus Support

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    My leauge is nervewrecking this season, the two last matches are gonna deside it all, wether it's a flop or succes. I don't have the stomach for this

    Season 63 - Week 4-capture.jpg

    If i lose i'am affriad the computer is going out the window
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    Season 63 - Week 4-article-0-119dd68e000005dc-852_634x478-copia2.jpg

    Season 63 - Week 4-final-cl-3.jpg

    Season 63 - Week 4-final-cl-22.jpg

    Season 63 - Week 4-cl-base-sans-comic-y-26-tama%C3%B1o-11.jpg

    Byespresso, what else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookizzz View Post
    [B]What have you learned from last season?

    What are your goals for this season?
    L11 Team - win league and CL.
    L19 Team - this team will not be strong and I will spend less time on it in this season. If initial results are good, I will spend some time to keep it in top 3 with a weak team. If initial results are bad, I will try to keep pride of the team while keeping it below 7th in league. In any situation, the team will try to maintain breakeven as far as possible especially on CL & Cup.

    At day 25, review against early season goals:

    L11 Team
    * Currently at second place in league. From 1st to 4th team, each with 2 points apart. So competition for top 4 is not yet over. My team failed to defeat but drew with the leading team at home today. In remaining league matches, my team will face the bottom 3 (Each with GA over 100 and goal difference over -80). So I have confident to at least keep 2nd place even though my goal difference is clearly with disadvantage in this season.
    * For CL & Cup, my team was knocked out at top 8 and top 4 (by a team 2 level above) respectively. The result is satisfactory.

    L19 Team
    * My goal for league has been revised to top 3 early in the season as performance was good. After defeating the strong leading team yesterday, my team is currently at 3rd place, with 5 points difference with the leader. Performance was not stable in 2nd half of season but the recent momentum is good.
    * For CL & Cup, my team was knocked out at top 8 (by leading team in my league) and playoff round respectively. The result is satisfactory. At this level, if the team cannot win the champion, I think it is better being knocked out early, especially for CUP.

    At day 27, short review:

    L11 Team
    * The original leading team lost to No.4 today. My team took the leading position now. The difference of top 3 is only within 2 points now. Even though my team won 12-1 over the last team today, my team still have disadvantage in goal difference. So the goal of last match is simply winning over the No.13 team.

    L19 Team
    * After winning today, my team took over the 2nd place. The leading team need 1 more point to claim the league title. So effectively the race for championship is over. The last match is against the No.3 team at home. We just need a draw to be 1st runner up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcmacdaniel View Post
    What have you learned from last season? IDK

    Where did you place last season? 1st place (league), 2nd place (champions league)

    What's your current level? 9
    What's your budget for this season? 481 tokens + 25.7 mil
    Who do you want to replace? MC, ST, DEFENSE
    What are your goals for this season? Don't make the CL group stages so difficult this time around! Finish top 4 in the league and don't get eliminated in the 1st round of the cup again.

    Cup: Won first leg 4-1. The overall draw has several strong teams from my level, however my overall quality was low enough to not get paired with the prolific token buyers. Among the familiar faces is the team that eliminated us from the champions league in level 5. It would be nice to a get a rematch!!! We almost got our rematch in the cup finals 3 season ago, but they were upset in the round of 16, but the team we faced in the finals that season.

    Champions: It's going to be tough, real tough; probably more difficult to win than the cup: The most prolific token buyer on the server at my level is in Group D.
    Update on seasons goals: Beginning goals weren't to lofty, shooting for promotion to champions league, not making the group stages of CL agonizing and playing more than two games in the cup.

    We won the Triple Crown, so i'd say all goals were met.
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    Wow what a season this has been.. Nail biting from the beginning right up to the end.. Played Mariusz FC today and got a 2-0 win, kicked him out of 3rd position and left him in 5th!

    Playing Darek FC in the final match.

    Season 63 - Week 4-opponent.png

    Its either 3rd or 4th this season!

    Season 63 - Week 4-league-last.jpg

    10 League Titles
    7 League Runners Up
    1 Champions League Title
    4 Champions League Finalists
    1 Cup Title

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    Ohhh well finished 2nd in the end so no giving the leader`s a sleepless night as we meet Tomorrow but still good season especially with the weird formations i used this season

    Season 63 - Week 4-screenshot-2015-03-06-1.48.32-pm.jpg
    15 Titles
    10 Runner-up
    5 Champions league
    2 Runner-up
    4 Cups
    2 Runner-up
    1 Treble

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    We can say that the power of the Q decided in your Cup final, good season mate
    Yeah, we had more chances but he converted 1 = Q.

    HT performance stats would also have helped since I subbed the 7 rated MC with a 7 rated MC and the 6 rated one was left on *blushes* (Although I did it trying to trigger something rather than for 'performance' reasons.



    In the league Buffs FC win their penultimate match 4-0 against the team that had beaten them 1-0 earlier in the Season. Unlike last time 4-1-4-1 did the job v 4-3-3.

    After the match Buffs Mad said "4-3-3 and ND seem to be the unpredictable formations this Season. We have however enjoyed a light injury Season with only the 3 injuries to our right winger and the 2 to our GK causing concern."

    PS. Strangely enough, since 3 of our players are positioned in places 2, 3 & 4 in the Assists charts we've scored 6 goals over 2 days without any assists at all. >.<

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    Done,5th in a row
    13-0-0 ,team performed very nice Season 63 - Week 4-uploadfromtaptalk1425653271650.jpgSeason 63 - Week 4-uploadfromtaptalk1425653284594.jpg

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    Won c/l final and get this I did not even watch and oppo did plus 4 of his friends supporting, same formation and similar shots at goal but he had poor ratings so am guessing either I won coz of my ratings against his or Nordesus lets u win when u don't watch, anyway that's the double

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    League Runner up 4
    Cup Won 3
    Cup Finalist 3
    Champions League Won 5
    Champions League Finalist 9

    Season 23 Level 23

    United Til I Die
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    Champions League Won 2
    Champions League Finalist 7
    Cups Won 1
    Cup Finalist 2

    Season 32 Level 27 (Retired)

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