More revenue should be tied to results and size of your fan base. I mean both in cash and tokens. Why should all players get 35T per season for showing up no matter if they finish dead last and take 10 seasons to reach lvl 5 while others win trophies every season?

This game is far from fair to all players in other ways. Just like the real sport a side like Real, Barca, Bayern, Man U can all outspend everyone else because they have won consistently for so long that they have much bigger fan bases and thus revenue. This game does give you more fans but it doesn't seem to matter much. I make less from my tickets and merch than I pay out in win bonuses, forget payroll.

The money paid out from the cup and CL if you win is certainly much better but it really doesn't affect the game all that much. I think both tv rights and shirt sponsors should reflect the success of the club and not just the lvl they are at or being all equal. Nothing is equal in football.

I would also like to see some form of relegation at some point. Right now there is a pretty much endless line of teams moving up or staying put and nothing going down. I would like to see at the top end of the game a final top tier with a realistic financial representation for top flight football that also brings with it a sense of exclusivity. Once you make it to the top flight you have to actually perform to stay there.

This game is an example of what MLS is doing gone wild. Just keep adding new teams as they grow and one day you wake up and there are 1,000 teams in the league lol.