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    Quote Originally Posted by kynan View Post
    I get 1.57M per vid at level 29. If you are only getting around 1M per vid and you are a level above me then that is wrong.

    Since the start of this season (Two and a half days ago) I have made 131M from watching vids for cash. I make that 84 videos watched. I used to swap between red and green packs for those suitcases, but the cash issue at the moment to me seems to be more important than getting extra rests or injury packs - as if I power train my wages go up as players improve.

    Last season I made 1.5B from watching videos for cash (and they are only 30 seconds long at most). My total wages paid out that season was just under 800M - so I made around 700M profit from watching videos and all my ticket sales (and I was playing 4/5 friendlies a day too), sponsorship and price money was extra profit too.

    Having cash in the bank is important as it keeps the team ticking over. I'm paying 30.9M per day out in wages, which I work out will mean my wage bill for the entire season (30.9 x 27) will be 834.3M. That is how much money I need to generate to post a profit this season before I buy any new players or increase wages etc... If I can get around the 1.5B from watching videos again then I am well in profit cash wise.

    I'm currently sat with 4.51B, so whilst I am seeing others struggle with finance at this level I am actually doing OK. My concern however is that in another 10/15 seasons I may be struggling to meet wages if videos disappear or decrease in quantity, whilst money through the gate is already struggling to match the daily wage intake - and that will only get a wider gap.

    Red and Green suitcases, which I used to save, are great to improve the side but in the long run, the green ones aid in pushing up the wage bill - and in 10 seasons time I won't have any extra to show for power training my entire side now, whilst the 800M profit I make from watching videos now will still be in my balance as extra security then.

    Its a massive flaw by Nordeus that cash is such a problem at high levels as it is stopping teams from being competitive and turning the game into the haves and have nots. If you can't farm, you either have to pay to play this game competitively at this game, or do it on a showstring and with an uphill battle.
    Ok, maybe I wasn't precise abot the amount sorry about that.

    Oh, it is always very interesting to see other strategies of playing this game. My total concept is build around fasttraining youngsters and negotiations of those. Fore me the green suitcases are the most valued video offers, followed by the red ones.
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    I used to do the same, buy young 18/19 gens and power train them, but I've changed tact now.

    I used to spend the first couple of days of each season going for players who were under 20 and were only one or two cones from being scouts and pushing them on, but then by the start of the next season they were just average 5 (or low 6) players, so I had to either power train them up again or sell to bring new in.

    Now I'm on a 3 year cycle with players, letting them see their contracts expire if I can't sell them, then replace them when that happens.

    Nothing wrong with the way you are going, its all on what strategy you think is best for your team. I'm setting my team out for the long haul, so want to make sure once I hit the top of the server I am the best team on the game. Thus, at the moment stockpiling tokens and cash is more important than having loads of packs to power train. I'd like to have loads more green and reds (not bothered at all about blues), but at the moment I am ignoring collecting them completely as my quest to grow cash stocks is more important to me.

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