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Thread: Next season same level teams on CL and Cup !

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    Next season same level teams on CL and Cup !


    Cuz how can compete 1 or 2 level upper teams? this season i m 22 level. Ma first cup match against to 24 level team CL same too 23 level. Damn. Its a sh*t

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    You won't always see same level in Cup, that is drawn by Quality, and you likely have a nice best fourteen.

    As for CL, it generally is same level, but if there isn't enough of the same level it will be mixed, and I do believe Quality is considered at that point.
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    Don't look at level. Look at Quality. Some teams who are 1-2 levels higher have lower squad Quality.
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    For Cup, depends off your 14 best players Quality.

    In highers levels maybe can be ok, but in lowers... In level 6 I'm playing vs level 9 team, 49Q vs 64Q...

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    Past couple of seasons I have been playing teams of higher level (1-2) and equal or lower quality in the Cup. Had some very close and difficult games because of that. Makes it very interesting - for me at least...

    In the CL, however, same level teams, lower quality (sometimes 5-6Q) but getting trolled all the time...
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    Quality of teams may be similar on start of season. As soon as teams start buying new players, teams in higher level can buy better ones and can build a higher quality team. That's why you may face much higher quality team as reaching later stages in Cup.

    In T11 Cup, higher level teams have access better players. In real world, unlike T11 world, higher level teams participating domestic cups are usually richer and are able to afford to buy more expensive players.

    I also think it is fairer in real world. But I still think one mixed level competition makes T11 game more interesting.
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    Like me, I'm level 19 and played a L20 Champions League.. the Cup I think was 22-23....

    That's because you are near the top server.

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    I had one chance in the cup in season 3. I am now level 15 and the last 10 seasons I have started all cup matches against higher ranked players with higher quality. All I could do was rushbuy a lot of players to get my quality up a bit to make a chance but most of the times the first game ended in 3-0 loss or something. And my team finished first in the league and in the CL before that so I do know how to play. Cup matches are just strange and mostly a 1 round thing. In my 13 seasons after the third I got to the quarter finales once and in that year I had beaten 4 or 5 higher quality and higher level teams by sheer luck if you ask me
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    I gave up on the cup many moons ago. its a completely unfair format. I get the whole 'your the same quality' thing. but it isn't a level playing field. The team that are 2 levels higher can pick up players in the transfer market that are high end 7 star to me. im not prepared to flash sale my entire team to get a 'better draw'. ridiculous format.

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    The way to beat the "ridiculous format" isn't only tearing up the team.

    I do it with Nordgens just fine. It takes a lot of green pack farming, which lately supersonic has made a pain in the ass on facebook but it works well enough. To compete every season does require some turnover but not a teardown.

    I can beat higher rated teams who have heavy turnover because I continually cycle through nordgens until I find the gems. I keep them at around 8* and then keep doing this until I have as close to 11 studs as possible.

    I have a 20 year old ST who went from 39G 9A in 39App his first season (19 yrs) to already 50G 27A in 45App this season. He is still 2 points from 8*s too.

    You have to do a lot of buying, selling, and testing of nordgens to find the very best. You will find solid guys, busts, and middling players also. The come in all varieties even at the same Q and Value.

    I have most of my team set with only a couple positions in flux. RAM and both FB spots are still in progress but the rest are absolute monsters and even those spots are solid players worth a ton.

    Some of the best I have found were signed as 3-4* nordgens, tested in league play, and then power trained up to 7-8*. You can spend all the time looking for that super value 5* and miss on the best guy. Look at what you sought out 1-2 seasons ago value wise. I found a 3* CB who after power training is the most valuable player on the team and has a season MR avg of 8.4

    That near 8* ST has been killing against 8-9* defenders through the cup. MoM 7 times in 12 matches coming into the final. I am the lowest level team out of the entire 128 team field. The sole team from my lvl. Tonight I will win the whole thing.

    You want to know why you get "trolled"? It is because in spite of the 3* player rating you ran up against a player(s) that play well above their level. They are rare but they are out there, finding them and keeping them trained is the key to winning big. It takes a lot of time and effort though.