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Thread: Cup adversary (Admin please read this)

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    It is fair to be playing against 2-3 levels difference. It's not fair for active managers to always be playing against Managers with access to a higher Q TM every season.

    Again I'll say I like the idea of fixed ranges rather than the loose concept of fixed Q. However I don't like the idea that it should be predictable eg "next Season is my easier Cup" or "Cup is a no go for me next Season". That would just introduce new reasons to complain. I'd rather have my chance managed by luck than by design.

    In theory I'd like a fixed level range then all the teams thrown in the air and 127 chosen to be in my Cup. Whether I'd like it in practice if I got 3 bad ones in a row is another matter.

    Its a game designed around progression and all solutions will have unfairness built it.

    Other more wacky changes might include:

    using the exiting mechanic but weighting the Q calculation.

    Teams drawn from Lower levels would have a slightly higher Q (but less than +5Q) than mean or median level and those from higher levels have a slightly lower actual Q (but greater than -5Q). higher level managers can have an advantage from the TM but only if they sign players and this alone is not enough to put them 'out of sight' of active lower levels.

    PS the above wacky suggestion is not the finished article, its just a prompt for what's possible

    Disclaimer: The ideas presented here are designed to convey the impression of thought, there is no guarantee that any thinking was actually done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Thats why I always suggest do the cups in groups of 3 levels.... 1-3 4-6 7-9... so at least 1 time every 3 seasons we can be in the group of the "market advantadged"...... but.... I'm not Nordeus boss.
    I like this idea, and support implementing this in addition to the current method grouping by qualities.

    Restricting a Cup to teams in same level is boring. I finally decided to vote for "no".
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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Thats why I always suggest do the cups in groups of 3 levels.... 1-3 4-6 7-9... so at least 1 time every 3 seasons we can be in the group of the "market advantadged"...... but.... I'm not Nordeus boss.
    Makes sense to me, as it is now I am up against 1 and two levels higher EVERY season.
    So in reallity I am without chance of winning.

    For me the CL is the same thing, and to top this, it is always the same teams that beats me out Monotone and unfair IMO

    I don't even have to check them out because I already know that they are at least 12-> skillpoint stronger than me (aprox 2.5 stars on each player)
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    Let's talk about few simple things.
    The Cup I think it's the most easy trophy to win (I mean for an experience manager or an active member of the forum)

    * maybe there is an exception for higher lv teams, where there are few managers at their lv.
    The only thing you need is to finish (and start) the season with 14 low q players.
    maybe 2-3 0T academy players and the rest 3* players, oldies or free agents.

    The problem comes when you have a good team, with players you don't want to loose.
    The other thing is that the target, the holy grail of a (trophy hunter) manager is the treble.
    But why a manager must destroy his team or trying manipulating quality methods for that ?

    -So, why not to play in a competitive league (now with the new draw system)
    - in a competitive (as always) CH.L.
    - and in a Cup with q draw but with teams only from the level of the manager ?

    If win those three competition (and it's not easy) , the treble is yours.
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    I tell you how it's this game, if you want to win the championship you must to have a good team, if you want to draw in cup with teams on your level you must have a poor team. Conclusion make your team 2-3 stars for chance to win the cup.
    My opponent in cup.

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