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Thread: Top Eleven 2016 - What do you expect?

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    A treble winning season....

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    - People in charge to read the suggestions section and making some changes to improve the game
    This year, 2016, not 2017.
    - Bring back the old league draw (and playing with friends too).
    - Making improvements in the pc version too, not only in mobiles (except auto sign sp )
    - Make the game (match), more interactive. Now it's 90% managerial and 10% coaching. Formations, orders, arrows have no meaning, we can't see results and we don't know if and how they 're working - the roll dice of the game is too big.
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    Let me think and I will edit xD

    1- Change the training system and do it uniform for PC/Mobile, create a specific training for defense/attack/phis&mental so auto add in mobiles will be eliminated as we have more happy people in PC in this field.

    2- League, winner decided not per GD, make it real, so goal average rule.
    Champions league if there are not enough teams take the 5th.
    Cup of same level.

    3- In PC the game can be more developed, would be interesting create competitions in what other teams can joing paying a feed, and then the winner have a trophy and a price. game will be more fluid with that.

    4-Tops in all competitions + GK's, and MoM too in the looser team if needed.

    5- Target of the season + a price to achieve. Beauty, that to win every competition we obtain a prize, but I think that specific tagets per level, or season will motivate more.

    5'5- Academy players of 5* in the place of 4*and another of 2*... or 4* x2, one free and one paying.

    5'6- Tops of better players per server, CL winners, Cup winners, League winners... etc.... even if it's only avaliable in a PC page people will like it.

    5.7- 1Token Contract to test a scout in a friendly.

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    Some additional wishes.

    Now almost all the teams will not use the zero token academy players for long term. The main reason is the difference of their quality to the team average. I hope there will be some changes to encourage hold these players for longer. My suggestions:
    - Expanding team roster by 2 which are allowed for signing academy players for, say, max 2 seasons.
    - Instead of only creating academy players with around 2 star and 4 star, quality of academy players can vary in relation to team average at time of generation, or any point in a season.

    On the other hand, I hope the game environment to encourage teams to sign good form players instead of high quality players. But I think it is too hard to implement.

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    Definitely NO TROLL results. Getting frustrating to always lose by a solitary goal being scored during the last 10 minutes despite having so many more shots but saved by opposition GK.

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    Windows phone app

    Windows phone app!! please

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    I expect strikers to score in matches then fix the injury problem in friendly games and auto substition in game while manager not attending the match because of green pack, I still expect more from this game for now I remember this much only

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    I expect strikers to score more but I wish the wingers stayed as it is otherwise gonna be like fixing one thing and breaking another, also some updates to improve the game I think we had some this year that was positive ones.and the draws if will be changed hope doesn't get any worse.

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