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Thread: Season 75 - Are you ready?

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    This is my oppenent in the league tonight. Which formation should I use. 4-1-2-1-2 ND , 4 -3n- 2 -1, or 4- 2 - 3w (aml-amc-amr)-1

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    id go 5-2-3 or choosing from your above choices 4-3w-2-1 but with 2 amcs instead of aml /amr
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    I am in a crazy a.. league. The bottom feeder has 3Q more then me????? My whole team is 5-6-7 star. Lol, whut? This season is going to be a challenge. Lost my home match against the bottom feeder (of course). Somehow my team Always performs very bad against bottom feeders (1W, 2T, 4L). Don't know what it is. Outperformed him on every part. Had better ratings, more possession, double the shots, etc... but his goalie made 5 saves. And then the report game that my goalie wasn't motivated enough? Morale at 85% or something and a win bonus. How can he not be motivated enough? Sigh Sigh Sigh.

    Well, lets hope my cup game goes better later this day otherwise this day is one to forget really quick.

    My second team lost his match against the current number 1 with 2-3. The game was equal but luck was on his side. Still I climbed up to third place but I am 6 points behind now. Grmblll, max bonus did not help.
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    Won lge game 4-1 away what a permance a hat rick from our recommended purchase
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    Drew both games 1-1 today

    Frustrating League game where keeper kept saving my shots. He was playing some weird 2n-2w-1-3w-2

    Anyway that was at 10am then I just get on for my second match at 1pm (which isn't even enough time to heal once +5%)
    And I get a goal and controlling the match then my players were falling into the yellow condition so has to sub 3 off. And drew just about to see me through on away goals 4-4 aggregate

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    Day 10 report
    Knocked out from cup by 4-4agg(2-3 in home 2-1 in away)
    Also lost league match to a bottom team with my least quality players,

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    Day 10 - Palace teams report (1/2).

    At least Palace Casuals don't have to worry about the Cup for the rest of this season. At home in their Play-Off Round 2nd Leg, they lost 0-1 to a set-piece goal to go out 1-2 on aggregate. The defence otherwise was able to keep out the opposition attacks...

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s31-cup-hl-po2.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s31-cup-pr-po2.jpg

    A bit late for the Cup, but will help in the League later on in the season. Given this squad and formation, what would you use to counter? Casuals have tried Narrow Diamond, 4-5-1V, Hexagon and 4-3N-1-2 without being able to break the defence down.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s31-trabzonspor.jpg


    Palace Terriers played away in the League, and after a patchy start, got into their stride and ran out fairly easy winners.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s08-league-hl-round-8.jpg
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    Season 10, Day 10/28 report

    Bye bye Cup, cya next season
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-cup-top-16.jpg

    CL Group
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-cl-group-table.jpg

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-league-table-day-10.jpg

    Can't play much coz still many thing to do, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiesse View Post
    This is my oppenent in the league tonight. Which formation should I use. 4-1-2-1-2 ND , 4 -3n- 2 -1, or 4- 2 - 3w (aml-amc-amr)-1

    Anyone ??

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    And without wingers playing for both flanks lolo

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-t40-copa-r3-22222.jpg

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