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Thread: Questions we want to ask to developers of the game

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    I will go train my players and tell them to give their all, nothing less 150% effort in the next match. Top eleven style.
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    Why cant managers ask the assistant manager to look out for players they require ? instead of getting three GK's or right sided players or strikers that they do not really need. Day 19, common ,bloody rediculous, how can we grow and improve squads like this!!!

    This is more a suggestion than a question.
    A part of it, is in - Players, 2) question
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    Much better if they can make this like old version, no need click on player to show, only need put mouse

    1. Show how long player injury
    2. Card from which match
    3. Player moral
    4. Player condition
    5. Player quality in number, not in %

    Maybe I'm asking too much

    no, but you can make a post in Suggestions section
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    Game play
    1) When we want to use a bonus in the game and we read a comment like "players couldn't hear cause of the crowd", what does this mean ? It's a miss of using the bonus ? We lost this % ? Can we try later ?
    I had that in one of my matches today. The previous bonus had just run out and we'd just scored, so I quickly wanted to put on a 'possession' bonus to at least keep the position we were in then, but got the 'They can't hear you...' message, as the background noise (cheering, etc) was pretty loud. Tried again when the background noise had abated (only a few seconds) and worked a treat. Didn't notice any drop in bonus percentage - probably just a Nordeus thing for 'don't be stupid enough to try and change tactics while the players are still celebrating a goal'...

    IIRC a previous occasion I had the message was in similar circumstances just after an opposition goal.
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    Let's repeat the meaning of this thread. it's about making question in a dev about how the game is working - specially the new version.
    So, let's add some more questions
    6) I had a question (no 2), about the attack and defense bonus. Now, about ball possession. How does it work ? Is it like when we have some supporters and get a +2% for every one of them ? If opponent is using his b.p. bonus and 1, 2 or more friends come to support me, they eliminate oppo bonus ?
    Almost in every game, I 'm watching and have the support of 6-10 friends. So, b.p. of opponent is meaningless ?
    7) How b.p. affects the game play ? In some games, I have a b.p. 65% vs 35% but the shots of the teams are about the same. How can it be ? Shots has to do with the "clear" b.p. ? (I mean the b.p. without affecting from the presence of the managers, the tickets or friends supporting).
    8) In the live game, we can see some times the special ability icon. So, we can understand that sa worked at that time. During the live game, is sa working other times too (but we don't see the icon) or only when we see it ?
    9) Many times, here in the forum, we 're searching the right formation for the team, when facing an opponent. It is said many times that if oppo playing with 3DC, better use your wingers and set the attack from the flanks. But during the live game, we can see those defenders following our wingers in any corner of the field.
    So, is there any meaning, any deference when we set 3 DR-DC-DL instead of 3DC ? I cannot see any deference in the live game.

    5) After a training, we can see a +...number of progress. Is it depending from condition loss of the players, gaining ability of the players (fast/slow trainers) or the successful set of the drills ? How much those above affect the level gaining ?
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    my main question is:

    When they switched the training of new positions and SAs from attack&defense back to gains from all 3, why did Nordeus not inform us, nor apologize, for such a glaring oversight that caused so many of us to lose negotiation level players during the PC update?

    With such an emphasis on the training changes ( you have a video with Jose) why do you refuse to communicate changes that have drastic direct effects to major areas of the game? Had I known that training Physical drills would still increase my players' quality at that time, I wouldn't have done it. Stealth switching it back to directly applying skill points to positions/SA from all 3 drill training types is not only poorly executed, but deceptive. This was the only thing that I was disappointed with in the new update.

    - hmm, this is more a statement and not question
    It's two questions actually.
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    I would like to know what happens in training in the first day of the season, if there will be some decline of skills we gained through the month or if training stays the same. So will we lose some drill levels or will it stay the same ? God knows .... I guess I am gonna find out next Sunday ..... hopefully everything will stay the same, that makes sense but with nordeus you never know !

    - This is already in questions
    Training 1)
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    I had a player in negotiation list (with the new version), wanted to keep him there so I started a new position.
    but after one game (or training, I don't know), his gaining went to to quality and now he is an early 6*. Removed from the list and cannot sell him.
    Why his gaining went to quality and not in the new role ?

    Players 4)
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    I'm not a developer or administrator but I guess I can answer to some of the questions.

    1) Next season, we must start our training levels from the beginning or we just continue ?
    - No you won't need.


    2) Attack or defense bonus always working in a game ? What's the difference from setting Hard Attack or hard Deffense ?
    - Yes because that's how the game is designed but how much this difference will count I guess not even the developers can't give an directly answer who will please everyone. In big lines is same with hard attacking and hard defensing, is motivating more the players.
    3) Assistant manager recommends two training before the game (for better preparation). Why is that ? If we don't train, is there any penalty in the performance ? Where ?
    - There's no penalization from what I know and what they told me and I assume the 2 training sessions are just symbolic but here I might be wrong. Indeed they must come with a clearly answer regarding that.
    4) Why the assistant some times gives so silly advice ? For example, "go for attack" while we 're already in attack or "be careful because opponent is very dangerous from free-kicks" while at that time he didn't even had a single earning foul.
    - I assume they can't give an answer to please you guys but isn't hard to guess. Everything is just a bounce of options from where he can choose based on the statistics, orders, etc but I don't think is possible to create a perfect AI who can guide your team.
    5) Why with some comments we already know the result ? For example, when we read about bicycle kick, we know it's a fail. When we read about a double corner, it's also a fail. In the old times, a double corner was always (or 99%) a goal.
    - Regarding this I spoke with them and yea on the corners they decreased the values because before from what I understood was to many goals from corner. Regarding the commentaries there can be an easy fix, they can just create more commentaries and more combinations but even like that after a time people will pretty much learn them too.
    8) In the live game, we can see some times the special ability icon. So, we can understand that sa worked at that time. During the live game, is sa working other times too (but we don't see the icon) or only when we see it ?
    - From what they told me is only when you see it but not all the abilities are represented by their specific icon during the live game, ex: play maker.


    1) Why in the old version, we could see all the team in the screen, while in the new one we must scroll up or down all the time ?
    Is there gonna be some update about that too ?

    - Won't be from what I know because they try to keep both versions same and here I talk about mobile and desktop. Why we can't see it? Is just from the new design of the game.

    Cheers guys!
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    Today in my cup game i put 2 times in the first half the attack bonus and scored 0 goals,in the second half after the attack bonus finished i put the defense bonus and i scored 2 in 5 min and this is not happened for the first time,most of the time is like this for me,so i think the bonus is just something visual like the SA
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