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Thread: Top eleven and marketing

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    My (personally) thought is that they 'll not fix it in the near future because they still are working for the new project of TE 2016. Maybe to fix the problems so everybody would be able to play the new version without problems.
    So, what would I do ?
    Freeze my team for the next half year :
    -Sell my players and buy 3* free agents to replace them.
    -Get the over 30 y.o. veterans the game gives the first day and play with them
    -Log in very day just to get the token and the gifts
    -Wait when something gonna change

    create with another fb account, a new team from the beginning and start a new career
    Things are live there and it's a lot of fun.
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    History - Records - Achievements

    Another thing now with the new version, is that we can’t see anymore the history of our team as we can’t see any more the achievements of our opponents or friends . People love to see stats, history, records achievements or whatever. It’s entertaining and keeps the players emotionally connected with the game (which is a non direct profit).

    Also I ‘m very proud for my trophies room (which doesn’t exist in the new version ).

    Something relative also it’s about the achievements of the game.
    The basic achievements (Top dog, Goal Machine, Mogul, Gentleman, True fan) are finishing too early . Only the years in the game still continue. Could it be some progress to the others too ?
    Hidden achievements also can finish early (about lv 17 where you can finish the stadium).
    Why no having some more ? They have fun and It could give some points to the game vs the competition.
    Those above are some basic things but the development/marketing dept. it could be more creative.
    For example if a team earning an achievement like the “undefeated”, there could be a nickname for some period, like the Mighty NIK or if a team gets the “game over” achvm., could take the nickname “Giant’s Bane” .

    Also the progress of the stadium could be a little slower (and cheaper too). Building facilities is interesting and if you have more profit from them , even better.
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    Sponsors – Advertising – Gifts Part 1

    As I read many post of the forum, members/players/customers are really thirsty for some extra (and free) sources from the game. How can they come those sources without the company earning less ?
    With some good marketing and advertises of course.

    I ‘ll post some ideas but of course I don’t know if it can be a feature in in the game.
    As players of TE don’t have any problem to see some advertises so to earn some extra packs , why not try to take advantage to that ?
    I understand that adv. companies are more active and can offer more budget in countries like USA, UK or Western Europe but still I believe that there are multinational companies who would like to advertise their products or brand in all over the world (through a game which has a lot of fans almost everywhere).

    Something like the great sponsors of Champions League. Companies like Heineken, Ford, Mastercard , Samsung, why not promote themselves to all the countries ? (Brands from Car industries, Food/drinks, TV/Movies, Electric/Electronics , Clothes/ sportswear, Finance/Energy/Transportations).
    How could it be in TE ?
    Those companies could be promoted as sponsors in the jerseys of our teams. Why not to have a real company in our jersey instead of nordeus for example. Why not VODAFONE instead of TOPOFONE.

    We also could rename our stadiums with brand names (like Emirates or ALIANZ ARENA) and earn some extra profit from that. And every time we see our team, training or whatever, we could see also the name of the sponsor.

    I wouldn’t mind to see those brands here in the forum too (left and right) or in the TE facebook page.
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    hmm, ok
    Top eleven and marketing-nivea.jpg

    after my last post, T11 found a sponsor for the new Super League cup.
    Not bad but it could been better.
    What we earned from this (ok, for T11 must be some good $ deal) is a jersey with NIVEA sponsor.
    I doubt that anyone gonna use this jersey for his team (maybe for the first days or some new lv1 teams who have only the basic jerseys).
    What it could be better ?
    To give this jersey as a gift only to the teams who are participate in a S.L. final.
    A pic of the S.L. trophy also could be on the jersey.
    With that way, it could be an extra challenge for the managers (you know, spending some more extra sources ) and the teams who 'll get the jersey, gonna wear it for some show off.
    Many managers would ask how to get the NIVEA jersey and talk about it.
    if you want to give an added value to something, make it rare, desirable, unique, precious

    my precious ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    hmm, ok
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Since I unfriended Mourinho ages ago.. mine just magically appeared
    Groundhog Day visiting level - 58 -

    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

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    The art of listening to your customers I

    A common marketing method of chain stores and mass-merchandisers is to give many discount coupons or making some hard discounts at their shops, so to attract many customers.
    The trick is that those customers besides buying the offers (which many times have no profit for the company), also buying more commodities from the store . There is the profit as also that people become regular customers of the shop and tend to spent more (increasing the avg “basket”).

    So some nord-guy had the idea to increase the tokens of a new club from 50 to 120, probably to make the new managers to create better and more attractive teams as to learn them live with a bigger token budget .
    I said in another older post that this is wrong.
    A new manager won’t learn to “respect” those tokens , not using them wisely and finally get more disappointed if discover later that it’s not easy to gather those tokens back.

    Then, the new auctions system came to finish the market in the T11 entrance level.
    The majority of the regular forum members (and older players of T11) was saying that the return of the tokens (after loosing an auction) wasn’t a good suggestion when somebody asking for it in Suggestions Section.
    They didn’t listen for another time.

    I don’t know how many new players start playing T11 every day and don’t know how it maters if the majority of them, leave the game after 1-2 seasons (or days ) but I see that at LV1 the situation is total chaos .

    Top eleven and marketing-new-auction-120-t.jpg
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    No matter what they do, loosing loyal old customers/managers is eventually their own loss.

    How many of the loyal managers, including myself, always talk to friends especially the soccer fans: "hey, do you play soccer game? Do you know top11? It is really nice! The best I have even played so far!"

    But now more and more these managers are leaving and less and less are going to promote this game to others, at least I won't , because I don't see this is a game that a newbie can get good hands-on experiences and joys when they start playing after this stupid update!
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    free sign up but will be expensive to carry on. design for token buyer to carry on playing, playing for free will struggle unless you tank. i am just looking for a smart way to play dont know how? still enjoying......

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    @ Teda:

    totally agree. I brought 17 friends to T11, because I really liked it (7 of them still playing, 4 left this season because of the strong bot-teams mostly, but auction system also a reason, maybe THAT final reason to quit). And they also brought some friends... and so on.

    But... since that bot-team-BS... I talk to all (playing or not playing) friends, it isn't worth to play. It's just a waste of time.

    Why I'm still playing? I've Costa, I want to see, what a legend he will be. If Nordeus will fix it until Costa retires, I also keep on my career, if not, it's my retirement too.
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    What nordeus really needs is to invest in AWSs-Amazon Kinesis to automate and analyse huge amount of data in a matter of minutes.Human administrators/moderators are not enough when the log files/patterns generated for nordeus through in-game and various social-networking sites and what not is about 4-5TB's each day or maybe more.

    Here is a layman view of the tool i'm talking about:

    This tool really helps to better understand the mood of customers and the general pattern among masses. Pie-charts and various other statistics are computed in a visualized manner by this tool in a matter of 2-3 minutes!!
    Companies like Supercell basically rely only on this tool to get feedback as it makes much more sense to better understand the players and we all know how much successful they are as they really listen to their players feedback.

    PS: As a cloud engineer, i know what nordeus is really missing,but the real question for me is "Do they want to listen or continue with their Ostrich mentality" ?

    Top eleven and marketing-capture.jpg
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