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Thread: Season 79 - Are you ready?

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    Feb 2016
    Another red card! My DML scores a goal then gets a red card. His second this season. First one was for spitting. What a punk. Making it tough to play the formations I want.

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    Another great victory and at the half of the season we are 1st with a good advantage already.
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    A clean 3:0 win in LEAGUE, keep us 1st at the midle of season. My defense have been the key.
    GD is vital for being 1st, since my only lost was against 2nd, and we now have the same points.

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    Tought game in CL, i won 4:3 but His 3 away goals, can be as good as a win.

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    And more important!

    Benfica is the champion in Protugal!!!
    Season 79 - Are you ready?-image.jpg
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    Atlético Kolkata Day 15 Report

    29 minutes at the pitch was just enough for David (pulled his hamstring, immediately healed):
    The also scored the equaliser at the CL Top 16 away game from a corner by Torrano, which earned David his 14 season goal and Torrano his 14th season assist. But the ass man is just a potato:
    The mid-season standings:
    We face ibrahim FC today (we lost 2-1 away earlier) in the return leg and the leaders on Wednesday (we'd beaten them 2-1 away earlier)... Can I dream?
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    Season 79 - Are you ready?-2016-05-16-09_43_35-start.jpg

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-2016-05-16-09_45_23-start.jpg
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    Last game of the first round in my league and I faced the other super team, Tansin.
    Started with 3DC - 2DMC but they couldn't stop his AMC Speringa who scored a hat-trick and Peotta with two assists.
    They had much more efficiency vs my lower q players.
    Season 79 - Are you ready?-league-game-d13-vs-tansin.jpg

    So, the dream is over.
    I have to think soon if I 'll just go for the next CH.L. or maybe tank this season.
    Season 79 - Are you ready?-league-d13.jpg
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    I wanted to test it....dont attend and.... the 3rd draw came... red for the other team, we score in the penalty, and then they scored 2 goals... thanks that malka scored...

    Tomorrow we face the 2nd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Did you sign with the Invisible Man ?
    Season 79 - Are you ready?-invisible-man.jpg

    Look Gert, don't mess with the mutants
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    A STANDING OVATION FOR MY BOYS PLS lost by a lone goal.
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    League is going good so far.. Champions League is hard as hell.. as usual hahaha, cup is totally chill this season.. won't have problems winning it
    Season 79 - Are you ready?-league.jpg

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