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    Not read up on friendlies since I've not seen anything to read but I'm hoping we can play individual *-based friendlies, including within the Association. It would be nice to do little Knock out tournament for a jersey or something.

    Anyway, I'll find out in 6 weeks I hope.

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    Can we have some clarification about the red and yellow cards incurred by players in Association matches. My opponent today had a player sent off in the 1st match, but he was back playing in the second - I would have thought he would have been banned for that match...

    I've just found this in the FAQ:

    Penalty cards in Associations
    Players sanctioned in a Semi-finals match in Associations tournaments will also be able to take part in the Finals, as sanctions don't carry over to the next round. These sanctions also don't carry over to your team's regular competition matches (League, Champions League, Cup, Friendlies).

    This says that cards will be annulled between the Semi-Finals and the Finals, not between the matches in the Semi-Finals...

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    We'll check this text as it may need clarification, but it is normal, as there are no sanctions in Association matches after the match has already ended. Meaning if your player gets 2 yellow cards, or a direct red card, he'll miss the rest of the match but will be able to play again the next Association match.

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