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Thread: the unrealistic game engine is getting really annoying now

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtmsnba13 View Post
    Guadalajara beat Barcalona 3-1 last year.

    So yeah BS like that happens, but it's all a matter of luck. I've beaten stronger teams with my half arse squad with my 2nd best midfielder injured and two defenders. even yesterday someone played me like 5 in the mourning (changed the time of the match so he'll only be spectating) and my team somehow pulled out a win even with my formation not set properly.

    But hey it could be worse. *cough* FIFA 12 *cough*
    lol... If you think the game engine is bad on this game, play managerzone.
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    it seems many of you who are replying only read the headline and a few lines of my original post. I am not talking about losing a match vs a weaker team, but rather HOW i lost.

    only one person so far has talked about why that might've happened

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    I don't take any notice of the after match stats, as they never make any sense. I don't really think there is any true way of finding out HOW you lost. This is an example of why the stats are unreliable. In a friendly I played last season, between our two teams, there were 18 fouls, (according to the stats), but alongside the stat, was another saying that there had been 5 free kicks. The two stats just do not match up.

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    I never get this problem (touch wood) and i dont think my teams as good as half the folk on here complaining! Im averaging 6 goals a game in the league won every game! Top score has 23 in 9 games/26 in 13 in all comps.

    Might get abuse here but maybe your doing something wrong?

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    You think that there is some kind of engine? i dont think so, its all random and all the statistics, training points, players.. its only as a placebo... who think this game counts something for result is naive. Your credit card is in first place
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    I am exactly the same I have had a couple of games were I have the possession bonuses I play weaker opposition they will have a player sent off and I still lose as far as I am concerned it is stupidly unrealistic but I also agree that some of the stats don’t make sense like for example you might have 10 shots, with 6 on target, scored 2 and the keeper has only made one save well where did the other three shots go that were on target? So I know exactly where you are coming from

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    Quote Originally Posted by hullabaloo View Post
    * My starting lineups avg skill level is 28. Opponents' is 22,3

    * He uses 4-5-1 flat. I use the basic counter formation to this, the 3-5-2 (i used 3-5-2 V once he had scored two goals).

    * He isn't watching the game, so I have 12% bonus possession as home team.

    * The possession for the game was 59-41 to me.

    * The shots? 21-10 to HIM. On top of that, he had a massive 16 on target while i had 3. At one point he had 16 on target from 18 shots.

    * The result? 3-0 to him. His team was up 0-3 after just 44 minutes.

    The weird part? Despite less possession, despite far worse players than mine and despite the fact that I used two counter-formations that always works well against the 4-5-1 flat, he absolutely massacred my team! How is that possible?
    Now i know that worse teams can always beat better teams. But will they crush the better team in terms of chances and goals? Not really.

    How often would you see a la liga team not named Real Madrid/valencia/atletico madrid outshoot and slaughter Barcelona? Never. You will see Barca lose and drop points, but not in a fashion similar to this.
    These unrealistic results lately are really getting to me. What's the point in using the best counter-formations and having better players, when the game engine screws you over in a highly unrealistic fashion anyway?

    The other day, I used a 4-5-1 V against a 4-4-2. The opponent's avg skill was 20. He won 4-1. Madness.
    It is high time that Nordeus fixes this. I dunno what they did at the end of last season, but ever since the results have been way too unrealistic
    I feel for ya.

    1) apparently, and to my own experience, 3-5-2 V should work MOST of the time. 3-5-2 Flat and 3N-1-4-2 also work.
    2) your massacre is only explainable if he went hard attacking, highly motivated and you went defensive? Tough call.
    3) Dont knock the game engine and use real life examples. The game engine is fantasy and cant compare to real life.
    4) against 4-4-2, my experience is that 4-5-1V is a crapshoot, 50/50. 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond normally rocks 4-4-2.

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