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    What about billionaire managers??......give us something to spend that Money....there is no point in having money...if u can't spend it......

    How about transfer option with only u know....creating a section for auction of 9 star players......1 billion each....that will be a good way to lose the money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moi View Post
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    Hi Managers

    We are delighted to announce that cash prizes for all competitions have been increased:

    Prize money for the Top 4 teams in League groups has been increased exponentially

    The better position a team ends up, the higher % increase he will get, compared to what he was getting until now. The 1st place will get 50% more money than he would have get with the old rules, the 2nd will get 33% more, the 3rd 10% more, and 4th place will get 5% more money.

    This change has been already implemented, so all users will benefit from it at the end of the current season!

    Prize money for winning a competition with knockout phases has been dramatically increased

    So, teams winning the Champions League, the Super League, or the Cup will get 75% more cash than they are currently getting, making a real difference for the final winner.

    This change will be applied with the Season that starts the 16th of October
    Did you say Tokens?
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    Great.....need some prizes for the top rated players at the end of each season ....tokens preferably

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    According to the lastes announcements, League Award Was Supposed to be Significantly increased , but it was not happend , please explain ...
    last season i was leavel 15, and became champions and got 126 milion, This season in leavel 16, championship will take 128 milion award !

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