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Thread: How much control do you have ?

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    How much control do you have ?

    Opening the app, voila, a survey ...
    How much control do you feel you 're given in Top 11 ?
    (how deliberate expression )
    How much control do you have ?-how-much-control.jpg

    I voted for no4.
    Well, it's wasn't a "full" 4, I could give a 3,5 too.
    Not a 5 but not a 1 either.
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    2.5 imho
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    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

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    It wasn't our day.

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    3 - moderate control

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    the game engine still have the final word. so a 4 from here

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    I am with Gert. A 4 for control on training, transfers and building. A 2 for influencing matches as you have no prove that you are actually influencing the match. A 2 for special abilities and the extra benefits from it. A 2 on players forms. There is no way you can tell how players will perform or influence each other.

    Overall control somewhere around 2,5.
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    The game is ma slave.
    That's Sparta.

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    I always wonder when the match is playing if changing anything will influence the game or whether the game result will still remain the same.
    So a 3.5 from me
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    I wonder... if nobody knew basic strategies for chess, just how to move, taking pieces, order of play... and you play over and over again against other amateurs... the results will feel random. If you can spend money to upgrade pawns to bishops, rooks, and knights, you might do better on average, but still it feels random.

    If you played against a system, or a pro, the results will feel frustrating and more predictable, you try many ways to start, but still you end in a trap 7 turns before you can see it coming.

    I think we want to feel more control, but who has done the work to become knowledgeable enough to have it? If you recognize FTs in early seasons, you have control of team growth, it feels better than random token purchases. We know white skills per position and what drills improve which skills.... But real understanding beyond these basics is thin, even the best of us are usually playing by instinct. Not so systematically.

    I reluctantly call it 4, and admit it is a frustrating and deceptive 4.

    Ps- - wonder what collection biases we have with this survey? If you're frustrated and feel a lack of control, maybe you won't log in on that day. If you need tokens, maybe you feel you'll benefit by "rounding up," power disparity. All in all, is great Nordeus surveys their audience, really. Too bad so many underestimate then.
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