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Thread: injuries

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    I save packs here and there, if there a 2 day injury after last game of the day, 3 hours before the server daily refresh, there's not a good reason not to save 4 packs. Injuries player is over 21? He won't gain so much from training the condition he's losing anyways, so let him sit a bit. Don't rush to heal everything, consider the green pack or time cost to recover lost condition vs red pack supply.

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    no complain from me.
    The last time I was "farming" reds, it was at least 7-8 months ago.
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    llolol u can gimme some injuries... time ago... "there was a time" as the ancients say, the trainings had injuries and during matches was posible to see 2 or 3 injuries...

    Now... no training injuries and 1 per match as max. and always, the max of red boosters needed are 15 even for a 20 days injurie...
    I have a big amount of reds now really... no way to waste these... thats why I gave the idea to convert the field in a swimingpool to play this game where one have to sunk boats but using boosters as bombs xD
    ...and really I still thinking that my idea to have 1 day injuries during trainings was not so bad...
    Lets see if Nordeus hear me xD
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